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Our Web Development Skills

Simpalm possesses exceptionally strong expertise in website development using the latest technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, along with older technologies such as .Net and PHP. We have expertise in a variety of frameworks, including AngularJS, Bootstrap, and jQueryMobile. We combine our strengths in new technology with the knowledge of PHP and .Net to build websites of any scale, size and domain. The following describes our strengths in specific web technologies:

Here are some of the most important regions in US where Simpalm provides its web development services:


JavaScript is a dynamic, interpreted and object-oriented programming language. JavaScript is used to add dynamic and interactive elements to websites. This is a client-side scripting language and is mostly used when you want specific code to be executed on client web browsers rather than your own servers. We can work on AngularJS, Node.JS, Backbone.JS, Grunt, Bower, CoffeeScript.
Benefits of JavaScript Web development

  • Client Side Execution
  • Extended Functionality to Web Pages
  • Easy Programming
  • Fast, Save Time while executing request on user processor
  • Versatility, Open platform

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PHP Development

Simpalm has been developing PHP web applications and backend database servers for more than then years. We are expert in several frameworks, including CakePHP, Zend Framework and Yii Frameworks, to rapidly build websites of large scale. We combine our HTML5 skills with PHP knowledge to create responsive websites.

  • Multi-tier web server architecture design, setup, configuration and optimization.
  • PHP development under Linux OS (Ubuntu, Linux, RedHat Fedora)
  • Professional MySQL database development and optimization
  • Web servers other than Apache — ngnix, IIS, etc.
  • Application deployment, stabilization and ongoing maintenance

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Simpalm is an expert .NET web developer and has been a Microsoft partner for years. We have expertise in developing custom ASP.NET websites with SQL database for startups, enterprises and government agencies. We have using various tools and frameworks such as ASP.NET 4.5, WCF/WPF, Silverlight, Xamarin, Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Crystal Reports, Entity Framework, ADO.NET.
Benefits of .NET Development

  • High Level of Security
  • Easy Web Service Integration
  • Common Runtime Engine
  • Improvised User Experience
  • NET is language independent Platform
  • Object Oriented Environment

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Simpalm largely use WordPress to develop Informational Websites, Government Websites, Association Websites, Startup Websites, Business Websites, Magazine & News Websites, and several other Industry-specific websites.

We have full expertise in doing UI/UX Design, developing responsive front end, theme customization, MySQl Database, customizing the CMS, implementing the SEO strategy, Google analytics, and any other functionality that is needed. Using WordPress, We have built websites of 5 pages to 500 pages. We also develop the User Management, News and Blogs section for WordPress-based websites.

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