Globally people make efforts to become fit and live healthily, the benefits of fitness go on and on, you don’t have to do what you like to do but what it takes to stay fit and healthy. If you embark into this challenge you have to bring the things into your habit that you might not like, but technology always helped humanity with all the life complications, in the case of fitness, mobile apps give you the guidance to reach your goal. Simpalm has a team of highly skilled iPhone app developers in USA, analyzing and developing mobile apps since 2009. With that experience, we have listed top mobile apps that keep you fit.

Some of the famous fitness apps:

1. NTC

Nike Training Club (NTC) is one of the best fitness app available for the workout, it provides training with the help of videos of minimum 10 and maximum 30 minutes of length along with the trainers who can talk with you during the workout, it caters your need based on the information provided when you signup.


    • Get Guidance to reach your goal.
    • Workout anytime anywhere.
    • Discover personalised workout recommendations.
    • Apple Watch support.
    • Activity count.
    • Runs tracking in activity history.

Price – Free (Offers in-app purchase)

2. Google Fit

Google fit is developed by Google. Google fit worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Health Association (AHA) to sketch out the exact needs for health and wellness in the present scenario. If you prefer doing the workout at home instead of going gym, Google fit app is made for you, the app is tailored to cater you with fitness tips and techniques which you can perform at home along with the health and activity tracking feature.


    • Workout tracking.
    • Watch support.
    • Monitoring the overall goal.
    • Movement count.
    • Deselect the unnecessary coachings.
    • Connect with your favourite apps and devices.
  • Anytime check-in.

Price – Free.

3. CrossFit btwb

CrossFit btwb – (stands for beyond the whiteboard) is free and one of the best app for your workout training and tracking, the best thing about this app is that you can create your own workout using the app. Although, the app has its own massive workout library with nearly 8.5 million exercises.


    • Make squads and keep up with your friend’s results.
    • Lookup for your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Mark your fitness level on a scale of 0-99.
    • 8.5 million unique exercise documents.
    • World-Wide leaderboards.

Price – Free.

4. Tammy Fit

Tammy Fit is one of the most user-friendly fitness app with the more personalised feature, the app uses the user’s data to chalk out the weekly workout and meal plan, you can also set your own personalised plan, with Tammy Fit you will have the inspiration to follow Tammy Hembrow’s lifestyle.


    • Create daily, weekly workout schedule.
    • Track your steps, calories, water intake, and exercise progress all in one place.
    • Take the recommended exercise programs for bodyweight management.
    • Both gym and home exercise.
    • Video tutorials on exercise instructions.
    • Diet plan including vegetarians and vegans.
    • Saving selfie for progress tracking.
    • Weekly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions.

Price – $15/month or $74/year.

5. 8Fit

8Fit is a great app for exercise, it gives you a workout experience tips like a personal trainer and nutritional recommendations based on your stats, the app goes step by step to train you for a workout and then creates a statistics based on which your meal plan is chalked out, with the help of 8fit app you can measure your fitness level and manage your dietary preferences.


    • Nutritional tips and guide.
    • Weekly meal planner with healthy recipes.
    • Interactive videos.
    • Research-backed program.
    • Muscles building exercise.
    • Fat burning exercise.

Price – Free (Offers in-app purchases)

6. MyFitnessPal

Being featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, USA Today, Family Circle, Marie Claire, NBC, CNET MyFitnessPal is a very popular app worldwide, with a wide range of features as calorie count, barcode reader, blog section and nutrition coach, it also provides its user with more than 360 cardio and strength sessions very clean and crisp to understand.


    • Easy calorie tracking.
    • Over 4 million barcodes recognised.
    • Log restaurant menu items.
    • Customisable lunch, breakfast and other meals diary.
    • 50+ apps and devices connectivity.
    • Chart your progress with image gallery, nutrition reports and photos sharing option.

Price – Free to download and use (9.99$/month or 49.9$/year if upgraded to MyFitnessPal premium)

7. Aptiv

Aptive is a great tool for audiovisual learners who don’t like reading much, it brings new shows on a weekly basis, allows user to use filters, they can bring the best fit information for them, it has 2500+ music-driven workouts including running, elliptical, race training, rowing, strength training, stretching, yoga and more, a user can have unlimited access for the same.


    • 2500+ trainer-led music-driven workouts.
    • 30+ new classes every week.
    • High-intensity interval training (HIIT).
    • Music playlist.
    • Marathon running programs.
    • Download for offline listening.
    • Apple health enabled.

Price – $14.99/month and $99.99/year


A well-guided physical exercise keeps mind and body fit. The most important part of an exercise is changing habits in your daily routine. Using any of the above mentioned mobile application can help you reach your fitness goals, having propper guidance over your meal plan is equally important, a correct mix of workout and diet plan goes hand in hand to bring you good health, an application can be a great help when it comes to body fitness. Simpalm is a top healthcare app developers and helps you to build a mhealth mobile app on iOS and Android platforms.

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