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Software/IT Training and Placement Services.

Passionate about software development? Get skilled and get hired today. Simpalm provides training to aspiring candidates for software development jobs. Simpalm trains individuals on various software development technologies to build a career in the IT field. We have specialized training programs for mobile app development, web development, Business Analyst and Quality Analyst. Several fresh graduates and talented people look for job opportunities in IT companies in the USA. With a lack of skills and talent, they suffered to start a career in IT companies. Our training program provides the freedom to choose the right technology and select companies for their choices. We provide training and placement support for the following courses:

Placement Support by Expert Staffing Team.

Several of our trained professionals, consultants and developers are working in various companies onsite in the USA. Simpalm’s IT staffing services is excellent in placing candidates all over the USA. We have placed several OPT, CPT, H1B candidates. In addition, we work with e-verified companies in the USA and also sponsor H1B, GC, and H1 Transfer profiles.

Why Simpalm is best Software Training & Placement Partner?

Simpalm provides training and placement for various skill sets and technologies. The training program is guided by our experienced trainers and developers.

  • We guaranteed place candidates and they work on small to large size projects in IT companies.
  • Known as best iOS, Android Trainer in USA
  • Our staffing team closely work with trained professional in selecting companies and apply on desired positions.
  • Our job-oriented training is well organised and allow you to complete the training in short span of time.
  • Our trainer supports you throughout the module. Learning foundation, theoretical facts, coding aspects and how to use SDK tools.

Participate in our Real Projects.

We provide great opportunities and you will be involved into the end to end development life cycle of the software development. Get the industrial knowledge of discovery, design, development, testing and QA.

  • Participate in project discovery. Get connected with PMs and clients. Learn how to analyse the functional and non-functional requirements. You will deeply understand the project requirement and client expectations.
  • Participate in UI/UX designing. You will be able to prepare wireframes and prototype by using workflow, use cases and functional requirement documents.
  • Work with developers and write code to implement functionalities. If you are enough skilled, we can allow you to complete the module.
  • Work with the QA team and tester to test the application.

Who Can Do This Course ?

Following people can take the training and learn Software development:

  • Any person from non-technical and technical background can learn software development.
  • If you want to develop a mobile or web or desktop app but donot know the development lifecycle and coding. You can join the training program.
  • Individuals aspiring who wants to start their career as a software developer.
  • Undergraduates and fresh graduates from any background.
  • C programmers can easily start software development in mobile, web and product development.
  • Experience professionals in ANSI C programming

A Model Syllabus for Software Development Training.

Software training can be taken by both technical and nontechnical aspiring candidates. Here is the syllabus in the following chapters:

1. Computer Fundamental

  • Programming basics
  • How to create an algorithm
  • Learn data structure
  • Basics of Operating System
  • DBMS
  • Learn OOPS Concepts

2. Learn a Programming Language

  • Pick Java, or .Net or PHP, or C or Python or Ruby on Rails.
  • Learn Arrays & Pointers
  • Learn Functions
  • Learn Character & String Handling
  • Learn Data Types, Header File Creation,
  • Learn Memory Allocation, Storage Class
  • Learn Numerators & Enumerators
  • Lean File Handling, Graphics,
  • Lean Data Structures,
  • Stacks, Queues, Linked List,
  • Tree, Searching, Sorting, Binary Search Tree, Graph, Files.
  • Database Design and Development
  • Advanced Programming Interface
  • Integrating front end with the backend
  • REST API and JSON integration
  • Debugging
  • Testing
  • Production Deployment

3. Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) – Theoretical and Live Project Practice

  • Planning and Requirement Analysis
  • Defining Requirements and feasibility
  • Application Designing – High level and low-level design
  • The building or Developing the Product
  • Application Testing
  • Deployment in the Market and
  • Maintenance

4. Models of Software Development Lifecycle

  • Waterfall
  • Agile
  • Iterative
  • Spiral Protection Status