Hire Software Developers for Equity – Reduce your development cost by 50%.

As a tech startup founder, your first concern is to find the right software development team that could build your product. You could hire a development company or freelancers and pay them to do the job. Many times the bill on software development runs very high and you may not get the right value and commitment from the hired team. Simpalm solves this problem by taking sweat equity in startups and building their products as a partner. It is a win-win situation for startups and Simpalm, where Simpalm is invested in you as a partner. We will convert 50% of the cost into sweat equity, for example if it takes $70,000 to build your software, we will only charge you $35,000 and rest will be in the sweat equity. You can use the saved money for marketing and business development. We can use our 12 years of experience to turn your idea into reality and help you to build a digital presence in terms of mobile or web applications. We listen to your idea, advise, and provide world-class digital products on the web and mobile platforms.

What Our Clients Say About Us.

Why Hire Simpalm for Equity.

We have successfully helped several startups to launch digital products and recognized as a best software development company for startups in the USA. Collaborate with an expert mobile & web app development team today.

  • We are a true startup and entrepreneur partners.
  • Work with a team of more than 12 years of experience in the IT domain.
  • We have developed 350+ applications to date for various industries and clients based in the USA.
  • It reduces your development cost and provides you a partner who will be invested in your idea.
  • We can provide post-production support and maintenance throughout the year.

How Equity-Based Development Works?.

Simpalm will become a partner or have some sort of percentage in the business. As a startup, you will be able to focus on your core business and grow with the help of mobile and web applications. The following simple steps will help you to set up the development process:

  • Share your vision, scope, and technical requirements to make sure Simpalm can be a suitable partner.
  • You and Simpalm will work together to estimate the cost to build your product.
  • Finalize the terms and conditions, equity percentage, or percentage sharing.
  • Once we agree, we start with the design process and complete the development and testing of the product.
  • We will publish and continue to support your product.
  • Make future enhancements based upon the market feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Simpalm provides a highly skilled team of developers to build a digital product for startups. In return, we have received a small percentage in the business. Our focus is to become a partner with a startup that has a dedicated founder-fully committed to the success of their business, domain expertise, and long-term earning power.
We start the development process with market research, in which we figure out how the proposed ideas can be merged into one functional product. Then, we understand your business and objectives behind developing the product and find a solution. The third stage is the design and development, in which we create designs and character models (2D or 3D). The fourth stage is testing and removing the bugs and errors in the product. The fifth and final stage is deploying the product or making it live.
Developing a good product for your business is not the only thing you have to do. You must market your product to gain sustainable growth. Being a business owner, you should keep in mind that the marketing strategy must run parallel with the development process. There are several marketing strategies, but some best ways to market your products are social media promotions, QR code advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Video marketing, and list your products in directories.
First, we will be building your app with all the latest technologies and implementing the most trending features to your app. We will be publishing the app in the App stores to get your app live for the audience to download. Finally, with each new OS update of your app platform, we will keep updating and upgrading your app for future expansions. Protection Status