Healthcare industry always likes to ride on technology to provide better solutions to the patient. After the launch of smartphones, several healthcare apps have been launched in the market like pill reminder, vitals measuring, smoking prevention, mental health, pregnancy care, senior care, and other health-related apps. Since it is a dream of every person to be healthy and fit, users quickly adapt to a great health app.

The healthcare app fulfills the requirement of users to stay healthy with daily activities. They help them to intake nutritious and healthy food and schedule their daily workout sessions. They connect the users with the doctors, physicians, and staff for the medical consultation. The problem-solving nature of these apps makes them more popular among users. The health apps are available for smartphones as well as for wearable devices such as watches. 

A targeted healthcare app can be a success but, it requires a better implementation. Thus, to help to succeed in the app development process we are providing the following steps to convert your idea into a success. 

Market Research and Analysis

The healthcare industry is competitive because of its utility in daily activities. Thus, to compete with a strong competitor you should be aware of the trends in the market. To identify the current trend you need to conduct thorough market research. You should identify your competitors and conduct a detailed investigation of the strategies implemented by them. You can also look at the reviews and feedbacks of the users on the app stores because these will help you to check the performance and effectiveness of the app. You can conduct a survey based on competitors’ healthcare app to understand the changes the users are looking for in a new app. Market research will also help you to decide the initial users of your healthcare app. You can conduct a focused study on your app idea to identify user’s expectations for the app. The focused study will provide you validation on your idea and give you feedback on what features/functions a user would like to see in the app. From the market research and analysis, you can prepare a plan to build your app MVP (minimum viable product). 

Identify your App Type 

You should first decide your healthcare app type before you proceed with the development.  Here are some of the existing healthcare app types:

1) Daily Health App

These types of healthcare apps will help you to track your daily activities such as duration of sleep, nutrition, and others. These apps analyze the information set up by the users and based on the metrics provide the results. They provide users with healthy diet charts and a list of nutritious food to enable them to have healthy food. If a user has set up an alarm for the daily exercise timing, then the app reminds them of the timing. They also motivate users to stay healthy with daily motivational quotes.  

2) Hospital and EHRs( Electronic Health Record)

The hospital and electronic health app are useful in numerous ways to users such as tracking health, paying bills, medicine details, and others. You can book an appointment with the doctors, physicians, and staff for the medical consultation. You don’t have to visit the hospital and wait in queues. The apps have an integrated calendar, which enables the users to refill prescriptions on time. The apps will provide users with the options of the medicines. The EHRs (Electronic Health Record) apps enable the users to have a video or audio call with the doctors or physicians regarding their medical queries. They have additional features, which help the users to check their BP (Blood pressure) at the time when they feel low. 

3) Medical App

Medical apps are generally the apps which convert the smartphone into a medical device, for example using phone and app for DNA testing, diagnosis, glucose testing and others. The medical apps are complex to develop in comparison with other healthcare apps. For medical apps, you need to consult with a medical team before you start the development of a medical app. You will have to also follow the regulations for medical devices by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The medical app facilitates users with features such as symptom description, diagnosis, x-rays, and others. If you want to develop a medical app, then you have to keep in mind that you have to stick with specific rules and regulations as the living people will avail of the benefit of the app. 

4) Telehealth App

Telehealth app enables the users to track their health and consultation from the doctors and physicians remotely. These apps are enabled with the features of audio-video communication that help the users to live consultation with the doctors and physicians. You can also transfer your health details such as diagnosis, X-rays, and others from your present location.

First Design your Healthcare App

Designing is an essential part of any mobile app. Thus, you should focus on developing attractive designs for your app. As an attractive design will provide your health app with a distinct image in the market. The consumers will easily get attracted to the user-friendly designs of your health app. When you start to build designs you should work on the preparation of the wireframes. As when you write down the things on a piece of paper you can create a working image in your mind. The wireframes will help you to identify the drawbacks in your healthcare app based on that you can implement the steps to overcome. You should consider UI/UX designs(user interface/user experience) for your healthcare app. The users have to fill their medical details to book an appointment for the medical consultation. The designs of the healthcare app should be able to deliver more information to users with less interaction. The colors, fonts are essential in designing, which should not be vibrant. For good quality design, you need to hire a professional designer with relevant experience. You can also design your healthcare app if you are possessing knowledge of designing.

Add Essential Features 

Features are an essential component of a healthcare app because they help the users to differentiate your app with other similar apps. The feature helps an app to attract users and enable them to enjoy the different services offered by your healthcare app. When you start to upgrade your app with the innovative feature, then firstly you should analyze the present trend of the market. The trend will help you to understand the wants of the people. To check the effectiveness of your healthcare app feature you can consult with your family, friends and unknown people and ask for their feedback. Their feedback will help you to make customization to your healthcare app and make them more appealing. While updating the features you should make sure that the key features of your healthcare app are not compromised. You can feature such as maps, an appointment with the doctor, medicine information, and other useful features to your healthcare app.

Check the HIPAA Compliance 

When you decide to develop a healthcare app in the USA, then you should know the rules and regulations established for the healthcare app. Because the healthcare app deals with the personal and sensitive information of the users. Thus, for the protection and safeguard of the personal information of the users, a healthcare app has to comply with those regulations. The healthcare app launched in the USA should be HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. HIPAA compliance is a set of rules and regulations to safeguard and protect the medical information of the users. The healthcare app has prescribed standards for healthcare apps, which healthcare has to comply with. The compliance of regulation develops confidence among the users that health-related information is safe with the healthcare app. There are many app development companies with knowledge of HIPAA compliance that can help you in the development of HIPAA compliant healthcare app.

Hire a Team 

When you have finalized the type, features, designs, then you need to team for the better implementation. The development may seem to be an easy task but it requires the skills and knowledge of coding languages. If your startup, then hiring a team is a better option to proceed with the development process. You will not have time to indulge in learning the coding languages. The development team will comprise of developers and designers required in the app development. You need them at every stage i.e. from the development to the launch and testing of your healthcare app. The dedicated team will not only help with development but will also provide you with back-end services. If there is an update in the trend, then they will provide customization to your healthcare app. Before the launch of your app, you can ask them for their feedback on the function and features of your healthcare app. Based on the feedback you can customize your healthcare app. 

Now when you have decided to hire a team you should hire them based upon app requirement. They must be aware of healthcare compliance and have undertaken the development of similar apps. You can find them online because of numerous websites such as Freelance, Glassdoor, Flexjobs, clutch with a profile of different developers from across the globe. You can hire a developer based upon your healthcare app requirement. To hire a developer you have to create an account on websites and upload your project requirements. You can hire an in-house or remote development team for healthcare app development. You can find numerous development companies around you having a proven track record. You can visit their sites to check their pricing and the effectiveness of their work. Before you hire a team you should ask for the quotation regarding their pricing and experience based on that you should shortlist the developers.  

Launch and Support

When you have developed a fully-featured app you need a platform to launch your app. The platform will connect your healthcare app with the users and enable them to avail of the benefit of your healthcare app. To launch your healthcare app on the stores (IOS OR Android) you have to create an account. To the user known of your healthcare app, you should adopt marketing methods such as SEO, Email Marketing, ASO (App Store Marketing), and others. When the user starts connecting with your healthcare app through the stores they will provide you with feedback and reviews on the features and functions. Their feedback will help you make further modification to your app performance. To convert your app a success you have to provide the users with the support if they face any problem while operating your healthcare app. The problem-solving nature enables the user to share your healthcare app with their family, friends and other people.   


The healthcare app is becoming more popular because they provide medical consultation on your smartphones and help you to be healthy and fit. They connect the users with the doctors, physicians, and staff for the medical consultation. While you work on developing a healthcare app, you should follow the process of market research and analysis, identify your app type, check the compliance, UI/UX designs, hiring an app developer, launch and support. The process requires time and money and you need to make sure that you have allocated both.


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