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Released in 2017, Flutter is Google’s cross-platform, open-source SDK. Simpalm is one of the top flutter app development company in the USA, builds near-native iOS and Android apps using a single Flutter codebase. In addition to the technical expertise we bring, we partner with customers to understand their application’s business requirements. We use these requirements to help determine an appropriate development approach. Simpalm presents the pros and cons of native development versus hybrid cross-platform development in a technology-agnostic and cost-conscious manner. Our talented developers integrate Swift and Java with Flutter. We use the Flutter high-performance rendering engine to create performant user interfaces. We prefer the Flutter SDK for projects where heavy data throughput requires a lightning fast user interface.

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Why Simpalm for Flutter App Development.

We enjoy building cross-platform apps. Flutter has become our favorite framework for high-performance, beautiful apps. Here are a few reasons to partner with us to build your Flutter app:

  • Our unparalleled discovery process gets at the crux of business requirements
  • From our initial meeting, we’re your partner and will help you choose a technology that best suits your application and business needs
  • We’re equally capable of building native apps or hybrid apps
  • Highly experienced Flutter app team with Dart programming experts
  • Roster of successfully delivered Flutter projects

Our Flutter App Development

01Before project estimation, Simpalm works with clients to ensure the cohesion of flutter apps from start to finish. The process of documenting the application’s needs, functionality, and workflow invariably uncover holes that the collaborative team patches and polishes during this creative process.

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Benefits of using Flutter for App Development.

  • Enables businesses to invest in a single codebase to get scalable and flexible apps.
  • Developing and maintaining a single, Flutter codebase provides cost savings over native app development which requires separat iOS and Android codebases.
  • The object-oriented Flutter framework enables skilled practitioners, like Simpalm, to build sophisticated, maintainable apps.
  • Flutter has a customizable widget toolkit for building rich, native user interfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

With over 10+ years of development experience, Simpalm has full capabilities to build flutter apps from start to end. We help tech startups, organizations, and fortune 5000 companies in establishing their digital presence. We provide integrated solutions to businesses in the USA and build cross-platform apps using Flutter SDK. We provide the following hybrid app development services using Flutter: 1.Cross-platform app for iOS and Android devices. 2. We made a flexible and efficient UI using Flutter. 3.Enhance and improve existing Dart and Flutter projects, remove bugs, errors, and implement new features. 4. We migrate projects built using other technologies.
Flutter can use in various types of mobile app projects. Companies in need of quick mobile application development should go for Flutter, as it offers numerous features. It is also a good choice for companies who want to verify their app idea and quickly build a Minimum Viable Product. Companies that want an app with great performance, good UI/UX, and provide your app’s users with a similar experience on Android and iOS should opt for Flutter.
Every cross-platform framework can offer essential features for different jobs, but Flutter is slightly different from its competitors in some key aspects. Flutter is an impressive cross-platform framework developed by Google in 2017. It combines the ease of development with native performance across platforms with uniformity and dynamicity. However, the most popular feature of this framework is cost-effectiveness. Some important features of flutter to reduce the cost of mobile app development are 1. Hot reload feature, 2. Exclusive Codebase, 3. Widgets production, 4. Reduces testing time, 5. Easy to create MVP, and 6. Reduced maintenance cost and complexity.
The time to design and develop flutter apps depends on various factors like the development platform, the complexity of the design, the experience level of the developer, the list of features you want in your app, the size of an app, and many more. Apps that target many features require more time to build than apps with a narrow scope. The quality and budget of the project also affect the timeline. Protection Status