Quaze – A fun and challenging game for all ages.

Simpalm, the leading mobile application development company in USA, launched a new fun mobile application called “Quaze” for its client. It works on Android and iOS Phones and Tablets. Client designed this app keeping all ages in mind. We also provide all the support the users need to successfully install the app.The app has been specifically designed under games category for entertainment purpose only Compatible with Android Phones and Tablets, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Quaze app has 2 main simple features:

  1. Implement the local database.
  2. Animation for falling questions and answers block.

It’s not a Quiz, nor a Quest, not a Hunt, nor a Maze…………. It’s a Quaze!

The best thing about this app is it’s for all ages. Anyone can play anywhere at any time. It includes various levels and questions from your favorite categories too.

Simpalm is getting good response from the customers. Come let’s look at what our customers have to say about it:

After several tries I was just anointed “master” of a set in the easy Quaze level, and it was so much fun! The topics are far reaching and at times I am right on top of things and other times clueless, but I always learn something interesting. Now that I have made it through to get the big congratulations, I can’t wait to play again. Highly recommended!                                                          —-By MoMoFromMD

About Simpalm

Simpalm, a leading Mobile app development company in USA, was founded in 2009. Over the last 5 years Simpalm has developed many mobile applications on various platforms- iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Some of its well known apps are Trip friend, Podium Cue, Forte Mobile Payment, Caught Being Good etc. Besides mobile app development Simpalm also offers service for HTML5 website development and back-end server development.


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