Learn Android: Comprehensive Training & Placement Program
Trained Several
Professionals in USA

Android Training & Placement Program

Do you want to learn Android development? Do you want to be an expert Android developer? Android is very popular and largest growing operating system in the world. Android is open source and easy to customize that it is why it become highly usable operating system in the world. At Simpalm, we provide 100% placement-oriented training program to aspiring candidates. Our training and placement program provides several benefits:
    • Learn Java from the beginning, learn core aspects of the language in quick turn around time.
    • We train aspirants on fundamental and object-oriented programming.
    • Hands on training on Android Studio SDK.
    • Work on complex programs in training and build your own logic.
    • Increase your analytical skills and learn how to write clean and well commented codes.
    • Work on live projects assigned by company. Work together with our development team.

Why Simpalm for Android Training

Simpalm starts from the ground and provide detailed training on all modules so that you are never stuck while developing any application. We train developers so that they build interactive applications. See the training course details below:
  • Extensive Java leaning
  • Introduction and overview including features and development capabilities.
  • Android architecture: Linux Kernel, Libraries, Runtime, and Application framework
  • Setup & Resources guidance
  • Core Application fundamentals including building blocks, components, application lifecycle, development tools, manifest file.
  • Data Storage: Internal, External and SQLite
  • User Interface Coding
  • SDK: Working on Android Studio

Our Training will land you a job

Our training has been designed by experienced Android developers who are working at large enterprises. After completion of the training, all of our candidates get a job. We will also prepare you for interviews so that you can get your job in the first interview.
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