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Demand for mobile application developers in Houston, Austin and elsewhere in Texas is rapidly increasing, thanks to the Lone Star State’s growing entrepreneurship and innovative business climate. More importantly, mobile apps are the new business drivers in Houston, Austin and elsewhere in Texas. Why? Because smartphone usage is on the verge of eclipsing desktop/laptop usage, and Houston business owners are starting to realize that a well-designed iPhone, Android or Windows app has the ability to remind targeted customers about a product or company whenever they look at the phone in their hand. That can be hundreds of times per day!Simpalm’s talented mobile app developers provide Texas clients with an extraordinary combination of quality and affordability.  Our Texas clients, including several Energy companies, have used Simpalm’s customized mobile phone programming and development solutions to expand to new marketing and customer-service platforms. We have also brought success to innovative Startups in Houston and elsewhere in Texas

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Why Should You Hire Us for Your Mobile App Project in Chicago?

We provide full, end-to-end mobile application development service, including design, coding, testing, deployment, promotion and support.


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  • The creative, technological, and management skills needed to handle your mobile app development project from start to finish.
  • Exceptional business experience as well as mobile app development expertise, ensuring your app will effectively target and meet your business goals.
  • Assurance that your mobile app will be created on time and on budget. If you are a startup looking for a quality app in the $10k-$20k range, Simpalm has the time-tested processes needed to affordably deliver the quality you need.
  • An uncommon level of sophistication in designing and executing mobile strategies that address key business and customer patterns, interests, and behaviors.
  • We possess the quality of a best mobile app programmer and the cost of a freelance mobile app developer.
  • Simpalm has created a very impressive team of top rated developers. Out of top 40 companies we interviewed for our project, Simpalm was the only one that provided a clear understanding of how the architecture and software would be created and managed. Many other companies quit on us in the bidding process saying,”it’s just too difficult and we lack the expertise.I highly recommend Simpalm if you are going to be developing software, whether it’s native, web based or a complex implementation to your existing system. These guys are smart. Really smart. I’ll be using them indefinately. I’m happy to talk in person about my experience with them anytime. Email me: [email protected]” 
Service Category: iOS Software Development
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value.
  • We really liked working with Simpalm, they contracted with us about 18 months ago, we are really happy with their work and have no complaints at all. They did everything they said in the contract. They not only developed Audio Chef App but, also helped us with support after the app development was completed, and suggested marketing strategies too. We appreciate their hard work and dedication. Thanks Simpalm for creating and raising Audio Chef, without any hurdle. We plan on contracting again with Simpalm for the next collection of recipes for Audio Chef Co. Overall, Simpalm was great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone.Reference can be viewed at :
  • Our goal was to produce a mobile app that was usable for iOS and Android.  It is a social engagement app as well as a mobile billboard for certain retail businesses. We did some background research. We wanted an expert team with background in social networking apps. That was important to us. We interviewed a several companies and decided on Simpalm. I’m satisfied with their work. They’ve been a pleasure to work with.  We have been working with them for three years.
  • I am the CEO of QRganize. We introduced QRganize to the world in December 2011. It is the first QRcode app that allows you to scan QR codes and organize them into categories of interest. Revisit, manage and share scans on the web or on the go. We could not have accomplished this groundbreaking technology without the work of our partners at Simpalm. They helped take our concept and build it into a world class iPhone application, treating our project as their own. They also designed and developed our website, which is very appealing and great. When we were making the decision on which app company would help us build QRganize, we were looking for an organization that would have the experience, scale to grow with us, as well as have access to world class talent. Further, we wanted people who understood our project and would collaborate closely with our design team on a regular basis, to avoid missteps and lost productivity.
  • I’m very satisfied with Simpalm. I wouldn’t have another developer to compare them to, but speaking with some friends that have had stuff developed, it seems like I had more people on my project than it sounds like any of my friends have had on any of their projects for websites. Considering that I’m in Alaska and they’re on the East Coast, there was never a problem with communication. I’d hear with them within hours and minutes sometimes. They covered everything exactly how I wanted. They gave me sample versions when I was testing it. You got to try it out before it was fully released and they approached exactly how I was wanted to be approached if I was a larger business and wasn’t just doing this on the side. They also supplied feedback and gave me some ideas on things to do. I strongly recommend Simpalm. I would give them five out of five. They did great job.
  • It was not easy for me to find a company to write this app. I spoke with several developers and they made me feel that it was a small project and they wanted to rush through this. Thats not what i wanted. Piyush and Simpalm did not do that at all. He never made me feel that I was any less than any of his other client.He met me personally and he walked me through the process and exactly what he needed from me. Doing that, he completely accomplished my vision within the budget. I am very thrilled with the look and feel of the app. I could not have done this without Simpalm.

What is happening in Houston Mobility?

Simpalm is a member of several mobility groups that can help you stay abreast of mobile app developer news in Houston and elsewhere in Texas.  We encourage business owners and entrepreneurs to join these communities:Houston Android Developer GroundUp Meetup

Our Mobile application development process for Houston:

We at Simpalm are extraordinarily proud of the time-tested process we have created over ten years and more than 200 successful mobile app projects.We examine and analyze every aspect of an app development project and clearly note every detail of an app’s requirements. From the intricate designs of the icon set, to the layout of the user interface, our goal is to enrich the experience of the end user and to meet the app’s business goals.  Our carefully structured early discussions with clients ensure that their expectations are fully known before the building begins, then helps expedite the work and avoid misunderstandings during the build. processOur well-defined process in designing and developing your mobile application, informed by many years of experience and hundreds of successful mobile app projects, helps us ensure that your mobile app will be delivered to you on time, on budget, and to your exact specifications. Once launched, we then fully support your app’s marketing, promotional and maintenance requirements.We know that if we create a mobile app that fully meets your business needs, you’ll look to us whenever you need a mobile app to achieve new business goals, respond to new business opportunities, or answer new competitive challenges.

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