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Are you a Startup who wants to build a Mobile App?

Simpalm is a focused startup mobile app developers. Simpalm has over ten years of work experience for startups and small scale industries. We have designed, developed, and supported several mobiles and web solutions for several startups, from DC to LA and Boston to Houston. First of all, we conduct meetings and sessions to understand your dream, requirements, and objective of app development. Our portfolio has been filled with emerging Startup like TaptIn. Also, we work within your budget and timeline. We know how it feels when you have a vision and wants to shape up on the real ground. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for some guidance. There are some lessons will help you in the first months of your business, Therefore, proper guidance is required for a startup with a business idea but do not know the limitations of technology.

  • We help startup in discovery and market research of building digital products – Mobile Apps and Web Applications.
  • Our expert team creates graphical design and User interfaces of the mobile and web apps.
  • Develop Native applications for iPhone, Android, and iPads.
  • As a startup helper, we quickly build a demo app or minimum viable products that help them to present in front of investors and funding agencies.
  • Consequently develop a cloud-based backend server for you on Amazon AWS, Windows Azure or PHP/LAMP technologies.
  • We guide startup to set up the App Store account and give them a detailed explanation of App Store Guidelines.
  • Finally, we deploy your mobile app on iTunes or Google Play Store so that they get approved and be available for public use.
  • Provide full technical support and post-production of mobile/web apps.

How can we make your startup a successful company?

Being a startup app developer, our motive is to cover all aspects and help you throughout the project. A true team can help you shape up the idea and help you to keep your product in line with your goal. We can see forthcoming technical challenges and help you overcome them from the very beginning of the project. If you have a great idea of developing a mobile app but no funding, you should know about different types of investors who provide you necessary funding as well as resources for the app development. Simpalm helps startups who eagerly looking to set up their online presence and increase customer base with the help of robust and user-friendly mobile and web applications. Hence, we focus on the following tasks areas while developing a mobile app project:

  • Help you identify your competitors and suggest you app features that make your app unique and make a new trend in the market. 
  • We design user engaging experience that can make you stand out from other competitors.
  • We provide our services at very competitive rates because startup needs an affordable solution.
  • Be a one-stop-shop for all your IT needs – Get design, development, testing, and deployment at one place. 
  • Complete your project in Fixed Cost or Hourly rates. 
  • We can beat offshore companies in pricing, and onshore companies in quality.

Simpalm is a Long-term Development Partner of Startup/Small Business:

Simpalm team has worked with several startups companies and professionals who want to start their business because we are the best startup app developers in the USA. We build a suite of mobile and web apps so that startup can grow digitally.  In contrast, we have developed almost 250+ mobile and web applications with innovative solutions. As a result, the startup is able to easily grab market presence. At our development lab, we develop demo apps that help companies to present the business to investors and collects funds. Furthermore, we continuously work with the client to develop the full version of apps so that they can engage users with new features.

Type of Startup/Small Business we have worked for:

We have served several startups from different industries. See below the type of startup we have served.

  • Mobile Payments: digital wallet, mobile payment, payment gateways, and money transfer mobile apps. 
  • On-Demand Delivery: We follow the trend and help the startup to build kind of on-demand apps likewise food delivery mobile app, a barber on demand, laundry services, car towing services, grocery delivery, home servicing.
  • Financial: We have build budget tracking, expense tracker, B2B, stock market, billing and invoicing mobile apps for financial industries.
  • Health and Fitness: We have built several mobile apps for healthcare and fitness professionals, gyms, coaching academies and colleges. We have experience in developing HIPAA compliant and 508 compliant mobile apps.
  • Social Media: We have developed 100+ social media apps including photo-sharing apps, video chatting apps, dating apps, Instagram similar apps and several other with a different social theme. 
  • Productivity: Calendar apps, Schedule app, a note-taking app, also reminder apps. 
  • Entertainment: Music apps, interactive games for kids and their parents. 
  • Education: Video education apps, Audiobooks, PDF apps, Podcast apps, apps for schools, colleges and universities. 
  • GPS/Location Based: This is our strong area, we have built GPS and location-based features in several apps. A startup always wants to focus on a nearby area and build the business with the help of local customers. We know how to do that for you.  
  • Video/Audio Apps: We host the audio/video on the cloud and help them to stream fast. We build video streaming, live TV, live recording, audio calling apps for a startup to start their business. 
  • Emerging Technology: We use the latest tools and technology to build innovative mobile apps. 
  • IoT/Bluetooth: Home automation, transport and logistics need IoT and BLE enabled apps, warehouse need.



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