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Expert Wearable APP Development
By Simplam.

The form-factors of wearable devices requires a different design sensibility than designing for phones or tablets. Minimalistic, glanceable, voice-controlled apps are the name of the game for wearables – and it’s a game most successfully played by experienced practitioners like Simpalm.

Simpalm has built software for wearable devices since 2013 when early versions first hit the market. Since the early days, the quality of devices and development technologies has improved. A company of technologists, Simpalm is a leader in the wearable development space because we cleverly exploits new device capabilities by mastering and utilizing new technologies. Simpalm is fully capable of developing apps for today’s devices including Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Fitbit Versa. Simpalm is also well-positioned to develop for wearables that are gaining prominence in the market including Smart jewelry, Virtual Reality assistive devices, and healthcare wearables.

Advantages of Simpalm’s Wearable App Development Approach

  • Collaborative process – Our analysts work with clients to conceptualize minimalistic, highly functional apps.
  • Design process – Simpalm designers, well-versed in low-touch app design and non-traditional UI/UX, like voice-only, build out wireframes and polished designs.
  • Planning – Milestone-based project plans yield realistic, cost-effective estimates.
  • Development – Sprints based around milestone feature delivery.
  • Support – Your partner for app maintenance and subsequent version development.

Why Simpalm for Wearable App Development.

The confluence of Simpalm’s Analysis, Design, and Development teams yields an unbeatable force for wearable app development. These are just a few of our capabilities:

  • Battle-tested Design and Development process that works for all application development – websites, phone apps, wearable apps
  • Specialized design skills for wearable form-factors
  • Large volume of successfully delivered wearable apps
  • Skilled wearable development team specializing in Apple WatchOS 2, Android Wear SDK, Samsung Gear SDK, Pebble SDK and some other tools
  • Skillful estimation based on robust requirements collection – either fixed-price or time and materials estimates

What Our Client Say About Us.

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