Web and Mobile Development with AngularJS: Simpalm

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AngularJS is a framework set for creating HTML5 based web and mobile applications. It helps in creating responsive website quickly. AngularJS lets you use today the features of next generation web standards, making frontend development more productive and fun. The tool provides features like databinding, dependency injection, modularity, composable and event driven architecture.

It also interface with Phonegap and allow us to build Hybrid Mobile Apps that can be downloaded and used on the mobile device. The ability to build responsive web and mobile apps using single source code has made this Framework very popular. It has quickly growing developers community/group around this framework and asset help gave to it by Google. Any framework needs in any event these 2 components (energetic group and driving tech organization support) to be successful.

Responsive Web development using Angular.JS

  • We can built HTML5 based front end for any website.
  • Implement CSS3/Javascript/Ajax in the website.
  • Integrate website with web services or any backend database.
  • Make website work on all the browsers and devices including PC, Mac, Tablets and smartphone.
  • Add local database and offline cache in the website.
  • Makes for a way faster development cycle.

Hybrid Mobile App Development using AngularJS

AngularJS changes your way of working, in a better way, like:

  • AngularJS can be viable on mobile.
  • It allows to convert your web into mobile app and access native features.
  • Let you free of concentrating on your ideas.
  • Makes for a way faster interaction with customer cycle.

Thanks to our keenness to learn new technology in mobile and HTML5 space, we have mastered the skill of AngularJS. From the first conversation about your project, to the final public release on the App Store, everything we do is client-centered.
 To Learn more about our AngularJS App Developers for hire, please contact us.