Simpalm’s client Plexus Promotion Launches TaptIn App targeted for people in clubs and bars.

Simpalm, a leading app development company, headquartered at Silver Spring, MD in USA, helps its client to launch an application on iOS and Android, named TaptIn.

Simpalm’stop mobile, android app developers for hire helped its client to develop and launch an iOS and Android app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android Mobile and tablets. Simpalm provided world class support to its client and developed the app within the given timeframe. TaptInis a new app based on a completely different and unique idea. The app is specifically designed for ice breaking in clubs and bars. Users can create temporary profile based on mood, and get to connect with people around. Once the user leaves the premises the profile is deleted from the system to keep user privacy. The app also allows bars, restaurants, and clubs to send various offers and promotions to users, thus giving businesses easy access to consumers.

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