Introducing DDX Pro: An Advanced Differential Diagnostic App on iPhone

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Simpalm, a leading mobile app development company, launched DDx Pro Application, an advanced differential Diagnostic Application, for its client Dr. ChetanNaik. This app helps people manage their own health and wellness, promote healthy living, and gain access to useful information when and where they need it. Through DDx pro user can access the most comprehensive, searchable database of medical diseases listing, in other words we can come to know or explore about more than 1500 diseases covering all the subspecialties in advanced medicine. This application is particularly intended for medicinal reason to give simple access to a tremendous cluster of data in regards to diseases.

Simpalm helped its client to develop and publish this iOS DDx Pro app for iPod, iPad and iPhone within the given time frame. Simpalm not only developed the app but also provided all the support the client needed to successfully launch the app.


DDx Pro is a unique medical app developed for iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. DDx pro is a special yet simple app which provides important information regarding diseases. The user can search for a particular disease or obtain a list of possible diseases by searching for any combination of clinical, laboratory or radio logical attributes.

About Simpalm:

Simpalm, a leading mobile, iPhone, iPad application Development Company in USA, was founded in 2009. Over the last 5 years Simpalm has developed many mobile applications on various platforms- iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Some of its well known apps are tripfriend, CheckIn+, Zoho Invoice, Caught Being Good etc. Besides mobile app development, Simpalm also offers service for HTML5 website development and back-end server development.


Piyush Jain