GhostPost: Private Messaging App launched by Simpalm for its Client

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Simpalm, the top Mobile App Development Company in USA, launched a unique private messaging app “GhostPost” for its client. GhostPost App is an ultimate Social Messaging Application by anonymous messaging. The app can make chatting, messaging more exciting and is available on iPhone, iPod and iPad, compatible with iOS 6.0 or later supports iPhone 5. You can also download Ghost Post Application on the iPhone app store here at:

Simpalm designed GhostPost to interact with the friends in a very new and exciting way. This app makes your messaging experience much more exciting. It is an ultimate social messaging app, which can be used to pass joke on friends, uploads their funny photos, push notifications, and post messages, regular text. All this can be done without revealing identity, means messages can be posted secretly and no one will ever know who posted, unless you want the credit AFTER the laughter subsides? By pressing the Claim It button when one would like to reveal them!

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