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Simpalm is Top Transportation App Developer in USA

Simpalm has built several mobile based solutions for transportation industry. With the significant growth and competition, it is essential for transportation industry to adopt with mobile platforms. Transportation industry is already mobile in nature, and can enhance services with the mobile apps. At Simpalm, we design and develop next generation of mobile and web applications that improve efficiency of transportation and logistics operation, reduce overall cost and help to build customer faith.

Versatile App Development for Your Transportation Business

Transportation companies have dedicated technology and management resources to manage shipments and deliveries. We develop kind of Interfaces like Mobile Apps for field representatives, Official Websites, Customer Mobile App, Web Admin Panel, and Backend Cloud System to boost transportation and logistics operations 10 times faster. Our team has several years of domain experience and find gaps and improve day to day operations. We develop following key features while building the applications:

  • Automation: We create industry specific innovative solutions to automate the business operations. Automated platform allows backend employees to schedule and send real time notifications and updates to fleet trucks on the fields. Manage your fleet, routes, shipment details, drivers, goods and everything with the complete and unified logistic mobile app.
  • Easy Tracking: Locate track in the field, track your shipment, allow customer to track individual parcel and many more.
  • Easy Billing & Invoicing: Get the bills and invoice ready to go. Everything is custom coded and designed for company specific needs. Integration of third-party billing and invoicing tools made platform more robust.
  • Delivery Management.
  • Robust Backend System.
  • Incorporation with Third Party Services: SMS, Payment, Invoicing, Notification, Accouting and many more third party service we can use to build robust platform.

Type of Startup/Small Business we have worked for:

We cater business needs and develop kind of mobile apps since transportation has revolutionary change and adopted technology hand.

  • Logistic & Truck App: Good deliver, manage trucks, manage all drivers.
  • Fleet Management App: Fleet related data, vehicle information.
  • Taxi App Development: We build driver app, customer app, and backend admin to manage each booking. Run system with ease and generate more revenue.
  • Bus App: City and public transport vehicles specific apps that make travel easy for citizens.

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