Windows 10, One OS for All

Windows 10, One OS for All

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Microsoft has recently revealed the next OS i.e. Windows 10. Windows 10 is to be released in 2015, but people can sign up for Windows Insider Program on October 1 to get a preview build (and buggy). Microsoft has not announced the price of the retail version yet. Microsoft has skipped the name Windows 9 to let the people know that this version is a revolutionary version. It’s a marketing strategy by Microsoft to skip a version to communicate that this version has significant new features.

Windows 10 will run on PC, laptop, Mobile phone, Tablet. This OS is modified to run on many types of devices. The UI of Windows 10 has been set such a way that for touch screen interface the OS will have separate UI mode. If a tablet running Windows 10 has its keyboard separated it will ask the user if user wants to move to tablet mode.

Windows 10 will have live tiles for starting apps and Mobile Software Development Company. Also there will windows 7 style start menu as well for easy navigation.

Now the new apps will have same style for modern as well as Win32 style apps. Windows 10 will give the user the freedom to decide whether he wants the app to be shown in modern style or Win32 style no matter how the app code has been written.

For Business users Windows 10 brings the freedom of MDM i.e. mobile device management tools to manage all phones and tablets. With MDM users will be able to manage all PC, tablet and smart phones. For developers perspective it will make writing codes for Windows10 easier. One code will work for all the families of devices.

Windows 10 brings much awaited multiple desktop facility. User can put same types of apps in each of the desktops, e.g. surfing internet – all internet tabs open in one desktop, all office documents open in another window. User can easily switch between these windows making multi tasking more easily.

After the much hyped Windows 8 not getting the traction that Microsoft was hoping for, Windows 10 is the product that can bring the revenue that Microsoft is waiting for. Even though the OS is to be released in 2015 Microsoft hopes that the new OS will give them an edge in tablet and pc market where they have faced significant competition from Android recently.

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Piyush Jain

Piyush Jain is the CEO and Founder of Simpalm. He leads the business and engineering team to build the mobile and web product solution for clients. He loves to write thought leadership articles on IoT, Mobile, Blockchain, BigData, Web and other software technologies.