Shopping apps are now most popular in app stores

Shopping apps are now most popular in app stores

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Year over year, with the increased amount of smartphone users in the world and the mobile market, has achieved significant growth in the past few years. This decade is completely moving to mobility everywhere and consumers are getting more involved in shopping via mobile applications? All top, as well as small retailers and businesses, are generating more revenue by developing a kind of interactive shopping apps than the old classic local market.

Now, these days where the big retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay have big space inside the market and those new retailers and shopping apps published in 2014 are also playing a significant role in attracting the users. Some of the apps by Ecommerce app developers that have been published in 2014 like Shop-hers, Spring, House, Treadless, Curbside, Downtown and PayTM are getting a good response and become successful platforms in 2014.  Few other apps like ShopSavvy with better price comparison, Shopular with better weekly ad browsing, click coupons with RetailMeNot and, maximize rewards with WallBy, save an extra at target with CartWheel are some apps that provide not only great offers and sales but such amazing options for your Holiday Shopping.

Mobile users have better options and facilities like comparing the products, free coupons, and discounts, product rating & feedback, product bar code scanning and free instant delivery are the biggest attraction to quickly find you the right product in a few seconds. Shopping app is growing in each dimension, now we have a new category that is social shopping apps where users can recommend the product to the friends, the family makes shopping easier. Apps like Twitter, WeChat, Snapchat, Line, and few others added payment and games inside the app providing an interface to experience both social and shopping experience to the users.

As we know 2013 was the year of social and messaging apps. If we look at the reported data in 2014 by Flurry the company that does analytics of market trend and mobile user behavior for kind of businesses, this year leads the growth in the shopping apps and shopping-related utility and productivity apps. The session that tells how much time a user opens the app and spends time inside the app was the biggest growth overall tracked in 2014 for shopping apps. Sessions tracked in shopping apps increased by 174% in 2014 as the Flurry reports say.

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Piyush Jain

Piyush Jain is the CEO and Founder of Simpalm. He leads the business and engineering team to build the mobile and web product solution for clients. He loves to write thought leadership articles on IoT, Mobile, Blockchain, BigData, Web and other software technologies.