Mobile cloud storageIn this new digitized mobile world where are executing number of tasks through the smartphone and highly customized smartphone applications, mobile cloud storage applications are emerging solution and become our basic need. Cloud makes it easy to sync multiple devices using a network of connected servers that houses your data and connecting it to your device.

From companies to individual users cloud storage are vital solutions that fulfill the basic need of storage as well as remote access to data. Mobile Cloud storage offers extensive services to create organize and share our files and documents and a new innovative solution to access stuff by mobile, tablet and smartphones.

Now days mobile cloud storage apps are mo reacquainting apps similar to social media and eCommerce applications.  Some popular mobile cloud storage service providers are providing attractive offers and extensive services.  We have put together some popular and best cloud storage apps that are more helpful and better service provider for end user.

Dropbox: Dropbox is a most popular cloud storage at this time that sync files from multiple and different devices. Through mobile Dropbox app you can access folder and view photo/video from cloud. Dropbox provide free 2GB cloud storage.

SugerSync: This service provider is cloud storage manager and through mobile app user can take picture and directly upload to cloud. SugerSync provide file sharing, syncing and provide online backup free up to 5 GB.

Goggle Drive: This is another great file storage and syncing cloud platform where user can edit doc file spreadsheet and presentation files with collaborators, also user can share and backup files up to 5 GB plus free Google docs storage. New Android M also takes automatic backup of Apps to Google Drive.

Box: Box is attractive cloud storage. Box OpenCloud provide e-signing, wireless stream the cloud-stored files to a TV or projector over AirPlay and wirelessly print via AirPrint. Box also provide 5GB cloud storage more that Dropbox.

IDriveSync: This cloud storage is more or like sharing platform. IDriveSync provide file sharing with connection from Facebook and other social networking sites. IDriveSync provide free 10 GB and 25GB for Students.

At Simpalm we also develop cloud storage based and file sharing iOS and Android applications. We use all popular third party cloud storage APIs so that user can access and store file with ease.  Please see some of our key features integrated in cloud storage applications.

  1. File Transfer to multiple devices
  2. Real Time Synchronization
  3. File sharing to multiple devices
  4. E-Signature to documents
  5. Proper security and Authentications
  6. Backup and access Photo and Video
  7. Edit Cloud Stored Files
  8. Automatic Backup to files and photo

If you are looking for the development of new cloud storage and file sharing application, we can help you to build a scalable and robust custom iOS, Android Application development while fulfilling and integrating all your desired features.



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