iOS 8: New features

iOS 8: New features

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The much waited iOS8 got released last 17th September, 2014.  The new iOS comes with many new features with the new iPhone 6 and 6+. Apple did make the new iOS8 compatible for older iPhone devices like iPhone 5, 5S, 4. This made the new release available for older devices.

Many new features have been added to the iOS8. Some of them are as follow:

Touch ID authentication

The new touch id authentication gave a significant advantage over its rival Samsung Galaxy s4 or nexus 2. Other than the usual password, Apple has introduced the new thumbprint recognition in its home button as a new security option. Apple has also made the API available for developers.


Apple has brought a new idea “Continuity”. Now all the apple devices are synced together all the time over the iCloud account, as long as BLE is enabled and the user is within the range. If the user owns multiple Apple devices e.g. iPad, iPhone, Mac, these devices will be synced in such a way that if the user starts a job on iPad, the user can continue that on his iPhone when he goes out. E.g. if a call comes on the iPhone, the user can receive it from the iPad, or if the user is sending an email from Mac, the user can continue that from iPhone. Also, internet connection available on the iPhone can be shared with iPad and Mac.

Family Sharing

Now up to 6 people can co-mingle their iTunes music, movies, TV shows, books, apps, and games together at the same time. If the child user wants to do in-app purchase, a parent can approve that.

Now all the photos taken by iPhone or iPad gets stored in iCloud photo library. Smart search and smart suggestion are available.


Health stores all health-related information in one app. this will help developers to develop better health app, share information with medical professionals


In addition to everything mentioned above, developers also get HomeKit to better integrate with home automation and connected devices, and CloudKit to store key values and blobs on Apple’s servers. SceneKit, for easier 3D game creation, has now been ported from OS X to iOS, and Metal, for writing more directly to the GPU, promises Apple A7 — and future A-series processor — performance never before possible.

There’s also Swift, a brand new programming language that promises to take the C out of Objective-C and provide REPL and Playground features to make programming more accessible to everyone.

With this new release, Apple has brought another new wave of innovations in mobile technology. Android has been catching up with Apple. There are many iOS app development company which build great apps in Android over iOS,  But Apple has found its own way to stand unique in the mobile market.

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