You are launching an app in the app stores and it is very crucial for you to present app with easy to understand app description and influence users through beautiful screenshots. The concept of ‘First Impression’ always work and it will decide whether someone download your app or browse more. It is the time to wrap your app and create a better presentation for App Store Release. Through this blog you will understand the whole process of app store submission and important factors that you should consider before submitting your app. I will be describing the requirements that you have to follow and also recommendations and suggestion from expert on how to create the best content.

What are Apple and Android Requirements/Guidelines

1. App Name:  The app title should be a simple word so user will quickly remember it.

(a) For App Store, the app name should be less than 30 characters with the emergence of iOS 11. Subtitle can also be 30 character long just like name.

(b) For Android Apps, the app name should be less than 50 characters.

2. App Icon: App Icon along with the name are first appearance on App Stores. The app icon should be attractive, beautiful and memorable. You should follow following guidelines to design your icon.

(a) App Store: App Store requires different size of icon based upon your device size like iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone X.

  • The icon file format should be PNG
  • For iPhone: The dimension should be 180 PX*180 PX
  • For iPad Pro: The dimension should be 167 PX*167 PX
  • For iPad, iPad Mini: The dimension should be 152 PX*152 PX
  • For App Store: The dimension should be 1024 PX*1024 PX
  • Read about Size and Resolution

(b) Google Play Store:

  • 32 bit PNG image
  • Dimension should be 512 PX by 512 PX
  • Maximum file should be 1024 KB file
  • It should be high resolution file because it will be used on various location by Google Play

3. App Description: The App Store and Google Play Store offers services to effectively present your app with Title, App Description, Screenshots and other details. You should follow the app store and Google Play Store guidelines to write this.

(a) Main Paragraph – Short Description: In this section you should first describe what is app about to and how it will help user in their day to day life. This paragraph should not be too long. It should clearly define the problem of people and how your app going to solve it.

  • App Store: Short description or promotional content should be less than 170 characters.
  • Google Play: 80 Character limit then user will click on Read More

(b) Description Body Content: This is the key section where you would like to describe core and killers features of the mobile app. The killer feature is your value proposition. Features attract user and gives a worthy value overall. You should write a simple once sentence to describe what user can do with it. Following guidelines you should follow to write your app content.

  • App Store: 4000-character limit.
  • Google Play: 4000 Character limit

(c) Highlight Awards and Recognition: You should definitely mention if your services, program or app got featured in any major website. Any awards or recognition you get. Any patent you have. There are no guidelines for this. This section should be the part of full description.

(d) What’s New: This section was started in 2018 by App Store. You can only change the content of this section only after the new version of the app is submitted to the App Store.

(e) Contact/Tech Support: Always mention your contact information so that people can easily reach out to you. Many time people always ask question and try to contact developer/publisher of the app. This section is information/details.

(f) Feature Graphic: If you want to featured your app on Google Play, you will need featured graphic. Feature Graphic can be creative asset and attract your customers.

  • Google Play: A JPEG file or 24 bit PNG file is required. Its dimension should be 1024 PX by 500 PX.

4. App Screenshots: Take the best screenshots of your app that explains the core features of your app.

  • App Store: You need to upload different size of screenshots based upon the targeted phone:
  • You can upload at least one screenshot but max upto 10
  • For iPhone 6.5 Inches Phone: 886 PX * 1920 PX in Portrait mode
  • For iPhone 5.8 Inches Phone: 886 x 1920 in Portrait mode
  • For iPhone 5.5 inches Phone: 1080 x 1920 in Portrait mode
  • For iPhone 4.7 inches Phones: 750 x 1334 in Portrait mode
  • For iPad 12.9 inches Pad: 1200 x 1600 in Portrait mode
  • For iPad 11 inches Pad: 1200*1600 in Portrait mode
  • Google Play Store Requirements:
  • Minimum of 2 Screenshots, 5-7 desired
  • Format should be JPEG or 24 bit PNG
  • Minimum dimensions: 320 Pixel
  • Maximum Dimensions: 3840 Pixel
  • 16:9 aspect ratio in case of landscape

Things you should consider to come up with best App Name

First thing, it should be as explicit as possible. The competition is very high, so you don’t want your app’s name to be irrelevant to the app’s mission, its usage and difficult to remember. Many times, people use just simple keywords to search best apps on app stores so the key is to use relevant App title.  They use first letter of App Name and use images to make it attractive.  You can go thorough the link to read the guidelines for better icon design: App Store Guideline for App Icon Designing

Here are some best examples explained:

  • If you search travel app, app store display TripAdvisor, TripIt, MakeMyTrip
  • If you search hotel booking, app store display Hotel Tonight,, Cheap Hotel Booking and other similar app.
  • If you search payment app, app store display Apple Pay, PayPal, AfterPay and other similar apps.

Things you should consider to come up with best App Description

App description should be clear, emphasized and brief. People generally do not like reading long paragraphs to know your app. They just spent few seconds to get an idea and select their desired app.  Second thing is very general and you should avoid doing any spelling mistake and typos.  If you mention if your services or app featured on other websites then it will impress customer. Last thing is to avoid Using many keywords that will loss Google ranking in search. You should think and decide app name that makes your app different and attract user.


Understand why Apple/Google Reject Apps Description

Inaccurate description or metadata will cause rejection of your app? Do you know that the description is key part of your product success? You should learn how App Store Statistics work? Why App Store Reject your app submission and what are the limitations these systems have? Your app description should be based on App store guidelines and Your app development company may help you in submitting app to the respective store but you should also go through the below stores and checkout everything before publishing the app.

  1. Google Play Store Guidelines
  2. Apple App Store Guidelines
  3. Goggle Trend

Things you should consider to come up with best App Screenshots

You should work with designer to create pixel clear designs of your app. Many apps have lost of content on the screen and this content fade up when they publish it on app store. The content written on screens should be readable to user so that understand features easily. Screenshot size should be proper and it should not degrade the quality when you upload it on app stores. Initially you should upload at least 5-7 screenshots that cover core features of your app. The first screenshot is very important and it decides weather user will click/slide to see more screenshots.

These screens should be explaining the core functionality of your app and influence user to quickly download the app. When user is not sure about which app they need to download and trying to get the best one. They mostly rely on screenshots of the app and decide to download your app.

You should hire a designer or learn any designing tool to create beautiful app screens that fits under the mobile app frame. On the top of the image, you should write a short description that explain the functionality of the page.

Competition and App Store Analysis

Review some similar and most popular apps to analyse how they are performing and fulfilling user expectations. How they have presented app content and screenshots on the App Store. The strategy should be to get featured and achieve better ranking in search.  After that you should decide the keys factors of your app that can attract customer to download your app.

Why user would bother to download your app?

There are millions of apps available in the major app stores including App Store and Google Play Store. Mobile app user always looks for new app to download and experience it. When user search and get your newly published app in the list, they will quickly checkout the app name, screenshots, and description to find whether it is perfect for use. User may get influenced and download your mobile app by considering above mentioned factors.

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