How to use Social Media for Marketing

How to use Social Media for Marketing

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Social media plays a big role in the success of a business, in the long run, every business uses social media as a marketing tool, social media helps businesses to engage with the right people with the right content, to promote a product or company social media stands as a free medium of advertisement to secure public attention.

If you are a start-up, it’s very important for you to cut the cost of everything you can, the strategy of social media marketing can help you with the free advertisement for your products and services, by just bringing the correct mix of content to your social media network, to continuously grow your social media network is equally important.

As they say, nothing works without a good strategy, a good social media marketing strategy can help you to generate leads through social media, these leads can be translated as potential customers, in this blog we are going to dig deeper about the social media marketing strategy.

What are the social media marketing platform?

To spread a promotional message through any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc, is called social media marketing, in modern terms, it is called e-marketing or digital marketing, social media marketing is best for businesses as well as researchers, a business uses social media as a free advertisement tool to engage the right customers, promote the product or service and humanise the concepts and business ideas.

1. Facebook

Facebook is a platform with a 2.37 billion user base, considered the best platform to engage the audience, it keeps them in touch with the help of your specialised Facebook presence. Facebook offers you to create a page for your brand or company. If you have one, try to secure more and more followers for your page and every content you post on the page will be brought to the follower’s attention through Facebook notification, it is B2C as well as B2B centred platform, but mostly used for B2C as it has a huge user base and most popular among the other social platforms available.

    • Grow only a specific audience list.
    • Start with simple yet eye-catching content.
    • Sponsor the live streamings.
    • Create short video posts.
    • It’s not important to have related content in the post but engaging.
  • Target the leads who you already have.


Twitter has been grown to 321 million monthly active user base and expanding. The uniqueness of Twitter is that it uses the hashtag for a word or phrase to engage its audience with the ongoing conversation in any particular topic, many different brands get combined at one place and share the ideas of there own, you can also use the hashtag to find which topics are popular and trending among audiences, you can revolve with your marketing ideas around these topics.

Tips to use Twitter for marketing:

    • Keep handle similar to the company or brand name, same for profile photo and header image.
    • Use the right hours to tweet to get more engagement.
    • Make sure to use the right hashtags and keep them a minimum in one tweet.
    • Find out the right audience bracket by running advanced searches.
    • Use images or twitter videos in the tweet to get more clicks and shares.
  • Conduct polls to engage your followers.

3. Linkedin

Linkedin is a B2B focused platform, used to generate leads for businesses or to find and post a job, being narrow-focused makes Linkedin different than the other platform with more than 570 million user bases, out of which 260 million are active monthly, 40% of the users access it on a daily basis. It has a large user base of the users between age 35 to 50.

Tips to use Linkedin for marketing:

    • Make a clear goal.
    • Set the audience bracket.
    • Create an attractive Company page.
    • Analyse competitor’s pages.
    • Do page promotion exercises.
    • Use images and videos to create engaging content.
  • Use Linkedin analytics.

4. Instagram

Instagram is known for its maximum number of young users, it is a young people platform. it has over one billion monthly active users, it provides users with very interacting and exciting features like stories, IGTV videos, live video streaming and whatnot. Every day half billion people use Instagram stories, nearly 90% of the users are from out of the US, it is B2C in a marketing perspective, uses pictures mostly as a content, useful for the art, beauty and photography, it is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in many countries.

Tips to use Instagram for marketing:

    • Grow the number of followers.
    • Make your page appear attractive.
    • Make regular posts, keep them less “salesy”.
    • Use live streaming option.
    • Use the story option to post pictures and videos, with a caption containing hashtags.
    • Uplift the user-generated content (UGC)
    • Use the swipe-up feature to promote shoppable posts.
    • Repost the same content to secure user attention.
  • Respond to comments and messages on your post.

5. TikTok

TikTok is a video marketing platform, it allows users to create short videos with many different filters, lip-syncing option and many more, short videos created on TikTok can be shared in other platforms as well, with 500 million users TikTok stands unique among the platform of its kind. It is used by all age group people equally, it is a B2C marketing option, usually contained in the videos can be categorised into four categories Knowledge, Skill, Motivation and Entertainment. TikTok did for the videos what Instagram did with the images.

Tips to use TikTok for marketing:

    • Login with Facebook and browse the relevant videos.
    • Look into more and more feeds.
    • Engage with other users and follow the accounts of the same interests.
    • Shoot your video with a wide range of TikTok video shooting functions like Filters, Sound, Time tracking, Video Speed etc.
    • Make your videos funny with insights into the product or service.
  • Collaborate with other users of the same interest.

6. YouTube

YouTube is a platform that allows video content, with 2 billion monthly active users YouTube holds the second position after Facebook when it comes to the number of monthly active users, it has a giant number of videos for every field of every industry, used for marketing by the overwhelming majority of businesses, mostly the promotional content shared through YouTube is in the form of short videos, which is assembled with the user-posted videos by the YouTube.

Tips to use YouTube for marketing:

    • Make research to define your audience.
    • Bring creativity and usefulness to your content.
    • Collaborate with other YouTubers.
    • Create backlinks for your content.
  • Fill your channel with contents on a regular basis.

7. Pinterest

322 million is the number of Pinterest monthly active users, it allows users to share photos and videos or they can pin their interest which can be followed thereafter by like-minded people, mostly used by the females of all age group, most of the content shared in the Pinterest are related to fashion, gardening, cooking, decorating and other interests of women, for the beauty, fashion and lifestyle businesses Pinterest is a must-have marketing platform as an option.

Tips to use Pinterest for marketing:

    • Categorize your board and create the title with the keywords to be easily found by the users.
    • Introduce your ideas with the help of the description.
    • Create backlinks on your website and other blogs.
    • Try to use the entire visual space on the user’s screen.
    • Use the other social media channels to promote your board.
    • Utilise the Pinterest analytics by getting “Pinterest for business”.
  • Use eye-catching images in your content to increase the chances of getting pinned.

8. Reddit

Reddit has a huge audience base of 330 million monthly active users, it allows users to support or criticise the news and content posted by other users, it is very beneficial to come to a conclusion about a topic being biased from any angle, for every up-voted links or content submission user gets the “karma” points. Reddit is a great marketing spot because it covers the topics from every field of every industry imaginable.

Tips to use Reddit for marketing:

    • Get the current trend information and ideas on writing catchy headlines using Reddit as a tool.
    • Try to connect with the people having an interest in your business idea.
    • Secure more and more karma points by upvoting the other content and community.
    • Get the ideas of the title by looking at the upvoted content.
  • Use paid ads to release your content.


Creating a community in social media networks gives meaning to your business idea and brand, with the help of above stated social media channels, you can grow your business by following the effective social media marketing strategy, other than that, cutting the cost is on the main focus for every business, mostly in the initial stage, the cost of advertisement gets reduced by using this free advertisement channel.

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