Fitness app development is growing faster. In this busy life, it is a dream of every person to be fit and healthy.  People have become more devoted to their fitness as physical work has decreased.  We perform different exercises with innovative and new methods. Several fitness apps have been launched in the market to motivate us to do more exercise. These apps connect with different devices, sensors to learn our physical activities, eating habits, sleeping patterns and guide us for better exercise.

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If you are trying to launch a fitness mobile app, you have to know several things about app design, app development, testing, launching, and support. You have to follow a process to build a fitness app. Here are steps to build a fitness mobile app:

Choose Your App Type 

Currently, there are many different types of fitness apps available at the store focusing on various aspects of fitness. Your fitness app can be a running app, nutrition app, workout app, sleeping app, meditation app or any other app.  You should determine what type of fitness app you want to build. The app type helps you to define unique features and easily target your audience. When you focus on your key audience, you can better take care of their needs and wants. With the desired audience you can easily market your app and make it a success.

Analyze Competitor’s Apps 

The mobile app market is highly competitive, you will find several fitness with various objectives.  To grow in such a competitive market you need to identify and evaluate your current competitors. Your analysis should cover the strengths and drawbacks of your competitors. Analyzing through existing apps can help you to develop strategies to overcome the market challenges to make your app a success. You can adopt their strength and initiate steps to avoid their drawbacks in your fitness app. With the analysis, you can identify the key factors on which you need to focus which can be related to the development, marketing and launching of an app. 

Write down your Feature List

After the competitor analysis, you need to finalize the key features and the functions you want to have in your app. Writing down feature list help you to better understand your concept and idea. You can share it with your friends and family to get feedback and input. Based on their feedback, you can transform the features to fulfill the requirements of your initial users. While finalizing your app requirements you should identify key features that will make your app more appealing. As with the attractive feature you can engage your audience and enable them to spend quality time your fitness app. You can find out the areas which strengthen or weakens your app on this basis you can initiatives changes to resolve them. 

Know About Healthcare Compliance 

Before you get your fitness app developed by an app developer you need to have knowledge about healthcare compliance. Depending upon your app type, you may need it to be HIPAA compliant. Why your app needs HIPAA compliance, what is the need for HIPAA compliance? The answer behind these questions is to safeguard and protect the medical information of the user.  If you are saving sensitive data of a user, it may need to be HIPAA compliant. HIPAA is incorporated to safeguard and protect the medical information of app users. They also establish standards for mobile apps relating to healthcare. The HIPAA compliance app provides the user with the confidence that the personal data is safe. There are presently much how can help you in the development with HIPAA compliance mobile app.

Hire an App Development Company 

When you have an idea and finalized with the requirements in your app you need to communicate with an app developer. You can hire an in-house developer or remote developer for the app development purpose. Before hiring any developer you need to check their expertise and the quality of their services. This information can be gathered with the feedbacks from their past and present clients or any unknown who have rendered their services. There are several app development companies engaged in the services with a team of experienced developers. The experience of a developer can vary the cost of hiring an app developer. At the initial stage, you can hire an app developer with an experience of 2 to 3 years of experience which can ask you about $30 to $45 per hour. If you want an app developer with 6+ years of experience can ask for about $50 to $60  per hour.  

Create Stunning Designs 

The designs provide your app with a distinct image in the market. Thus you should focus on the user-friendly and basic designs for your app. The fonts, colors and other design elements should also be considered as they should not be vibrant. An attractive design engages the users of your app and makes them retain. For the designing of your fit app, you can hire a professional designer. You can also consult with your app development company if they also provide designing services. They might charge a higher price for their services but will provide your app with attractive designs. If you are possessing with basic knowledge of an app design you can design for yourself but in some instances, you need the help of a professional. 

Get a Minimum Viable Product Ready 

Before launching the full version of your app you should get a minimum viable product (MVP) ready for the early user. MVP provides the early users with important and unique features of your fit app. At an early stage, the different types of users will connect to your app and avail of its services.  The feedback provided by them help you to know the effectiveness and the performance and help you carry necessary modification in your app. The Minimum viable product developing will cost you less and will be ready in about one and a half months. With the MVP model of your and the user response, you can easily get funding from investors.

Build a Full Version with Innovative Features 

Being a fitness freak people try new and innovative apps in order to learn new exercises. You need to add new and innovative features to your fitness app. The app can be added with the visual effects of the right manner of performing the exercises with a proper diet plan for the users. Online training programs can also be made available to the user and to resolve the queries with relation to exercise or the form of performing it or regarding the diet. Thus innovation helps you to engage the users with the app.

App Marketing & App Store Optimization

After the development, the next step is the marketing of an app. Proper marketing practices bring your app in front of your audience. You can adopt the different types of marketing practices such as SEO marketing, ASO app store marketing, social media marketing, and others. You can hire an in-house or remote business team for marketing for your fitness app. You can also assign the marketing of an app to the companies who are possessing the relevant expertise in the field of marketing. The hiring of a company can cost you near about $100 per hour on the other hand freelancer with experience can charge about $50 per hour. If you’re looking for professional then it they charge you near about $35 to $45 per hour according to their years of experience.


Fitness app development trend has changed with new technology tools. Fitness apps are very popular in the stores because they act like a coach, motivator, monitor while the person is trying to focus on the fitness activity. They should serve the unique purpose of the fitness: calorie burning, running, walking, workouts, sleep, eating, mental fitness, motivation or any other specific us. While you work on developing a fitness app, you should follow the process of defining requirements, getting a cost estimate, hiring an app developer, building an MVP, launching and marketing. All these require time and money, make sure you have allocated both.


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