Facebook to develop anonymous sharing app

Facebook to develop anonymous sharing app

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Facebook, the largest social network giant, is to release a new mobile application for users to communicate with each other without revealing real identity. This news has been released in a recent report from the New York Times.

Facebook’s anonymous chat app to be released very soon. This app will compete with Whisper, Secret clone. And if we consider the photo-sharing abilities that will include Snapchat as well.

Facebook currently has more than a billion active accounts. Facebook mostly encourages its users to use their real name and identity in the social network. But increasingly more and more people are worried about their privacy and anonymity. This had made Facebook come up with a completely new app for users to communicate as anonymously.

It is not new about being pseudonymous on the web. Many online sites let users login anonymously and discuss it in groups. It also lets users share content. Facebook is trying to capture this market with this new app. Facebook is trying to compete with Secret and Whisper but seems riddled with risks for leaks of the true identities behind the aliases.

Facebook’s latest app would permit the use of multiple pseudonyms to openly discuss topics. This would let the user discuss topics that would generally be embarrassing for the user. However, it is still unknown if the app would have a media sharing function or not. Also, it is not clear whether this app will have the option to connect with user’s Facebook account.

In April this year Facebook announced anonymous login which allows users to log in anonymously to mobile applications and websites. This project is being led by Josh Miller, product manager at Facebook who joined the company when it acquired Branch. If this anonymous app becomes reality it could become a threat even for Reddit, where all users sign up pseudonymously. Hire iPhone app developers 

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