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App Description.

In our day to day life, we get confused in selecting what to wear or how am I looking today. With Wickdly user can ask someone and get true advices by Yes Way ! or No Way !. Simpalm was hired by Wickdly, a creative team who works for social media fun. We have designed and developed their app, which is based upion concept of asking true advices. The Wickdly app helps user in selecting right things on right occasion. This app creates fun and user will never know the rating given by whom. The answers are discrete so people will give you honest advice. Wickdly is built for iOS platform and it is available on App Store.

Wickdly has following features:

  • Create account to setup user profile
  • Login with Facebook or email address
  • Use phone camera to take photo or short video of anything
  • Ask advice by posting question with up to 4 photos or a short video
  • User can anonymously advice by Yes ! or No !
  • User can secretly ask advice to your friends
  • Search other users by name or hashtag
  • Follow other user and see followings
  • View activity of other users – Yes Way and No Way given to others

Challenges and Solution.

  • Client is a New Jersey based startup who had no experience in App development or software development. Client came to Simpalm team with the idea of building a mobile solution. Client wanted to create an app in which user can ask true and honest advice’s on fashion or any other item. There was no other solution in the market that could do what the Wickedly app was supposed to do. Client had very rough idea about the functionality they wanted to have in the app. Simpalm team used its 8 years of experience in building mobile solution and proposed features and fucntions to make this a stronger product.
  • Our team first started with the UI/UX design of the app and created an interface that meets today’s requirements. Once design was approved, our technical team started to develop the app and the backend server. We developed and tested the system over 4 months. Once te app was fully developed and tested, we uploaded the app on the app store. We have implemented secret posting services so a user can secretly ask advice on items they are looking to wear, buy or use.

App Screenshot Gallery.

Wickdly has Rating Function, Photo/Video and Question Posting, Following Function and several other capabilities .

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