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App Description

Hal Transportation App is a a mobile based solution for transportation and logistics industry. The mobile based solution allows drivers to receive all jobs, update jobs and reports from the mobile devices. This app work excellent on both Android and iOS platforms. Drivers can accept/reject the trip requests on the go. They can also log into the application from their devices with their credentials and record the details of the trip when they picked/dropped the passengers. The driver also has the ability to change their availability status. Simpalm was hired by Hallcon to create this application on both Android and iOS platforms. This app exclusively developed for the internal use of Hallcon.

Hal Transportation Apps has following features:

  • The driver can login using their personal credentials.
  • Accept/Reject new trips.
  • Update availability by changing status i.e. On Rest, On Board, Available for Driving.
  • Separate trip flow for each trip type.
  • Send and receive in-app messages from any user.
  • Receive important Alerts and Announcements.
  • The driver can log the details of each trip such as start the trip, picking/Dropping crew, and ending trip.
  • Update profile and personal information.
  • Get trained by watching tutorial videos and reading driver handbooks.

Challenges and Solution

  • Client came to us with a high level idea of the problems they had with their current voice based system to assign jobs and track them. The current system had several inefficiencies and required manual hours to assign and manage jobs. Client wanted us to build a mobile based solution to solve the problem.
  • We worked with client to refine the requirements and create a detailed UI/UX design for the mobile apps. Our tech team developed the iOS and Android Apps using Xamarin to have the cross compatibility in the code. We integrated the apps with the backend server and tested the applications fully.

App Screenshot Gallery

This App has features like Driver Interface, In App Messaging, Trip, Notification, Announcement and many more.

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