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App Description.

Tipsta is a new way to give gratuity (Tip) to your favorite waiter, Hairdresser, or Nail Technician. Simpalm, the best app designers in DC has designed and developed Tipsta app for one of its startup client from Boston. Tipsta has inbuilt QR code scanning capability to scan service provider’s code and send a tip instantly. Tipsta is designed to solve the issue when you have no cash and want to give tip in a hotel, restaurant, or salon.

Tipsta has the following features:

  • Users can log in, register, and create an account in the app.
  • Users can view Tipees in map or list view.
  • Ability to enable GPS location of their device.
  • Ability to send a tip, receive tip instantly via the app.
  • Users can check recent transactions and payment details.
  • Users can reach out to contact the support of Tipsta.
  • Ability to receive payments in their bank accounts.
  • Users can scan the QR code of service provider to process the payment.
  • Users can add credit/debit card details to make secure and fast payments.

Challenges and Solution.

  • The biggest challenge with the App was to integrate it with a payment gateway so that money can flow from giver to receiver. We investigate into several payment gateways and finally selected Stripe to implement the payment processing feature. Our team integrated with Stripe SDK and included TDES and AES encryption to protect the payment data.
  • We have built the App with Tipee and Tipster side interfaces to streamline the process and make it easier to pay the tip.

App Screenshot Gallery

Tispta has features like account registrations, Google Maps, Payment Processing, QR code scanning, Tip pay and receiving capabilities. Protection Status
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