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App Description

This ‘r nothing app is designed to boost personal productivity in daily life. This app tries to eliminate distraction and multitasking habits of people and encourage them to focus on a single task. This app is very simple to adopt in anyone’s life and improves work efficiency. This ‘or Nothing app allows users to just put on the task and amount of time required to execute the task. We have developed This ‘or Nothing iPhone app and it is ready to available from App Store.

This ‘r Nothing has the following features

  • Users can set their task and assign the specified amount of time to the task.
  • During the allocated time user will do this, if you feel like to do Or Nothing.
  • Users can see This ‘r Nothing cycle and will be prompted to engage in a brief reflective exercise.
  • If the user is successful in achieving the task during the cycle, reflecting over it will boost your confidence and sense of self-efficacy.
  • After the successful completion of the task (Cycle), the user will get Marshmallow.
  • If the user interrupts the cycle they will get burnt Marshmallow.

Challenges and Solution

  • Client wanted to develop an app for daily life productivity. He wanted us to develop certain specific which says do it or not do it.
  • We have designed and developed This ‘or Nothing with Timer, Task Assignment, and Marshmallow reward feature to stay engaged users and increase their daily life productivity with straight forward Yes or No decision.

App Screenshot Gallery

This ‘r Nothing has features like Task Assignment, Timer, Task Cycle and Marshmallow Reward features capabilities.

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