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Task Talendar Task Talendar
Task Talendar Task Talendar
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App Description.

Talendar is a productivity app. It is your personal assistant to manage your projects, calendar tasks and day to day to-dos. Simpalm has created intuitive design and app can be used in a user-friendly way. Simpalm has created this app for Organizoi LLC, a startup based in Virginia. Client hired Simpalm to design and develop Talendar App: App to organize your personal and business tasks in your fingertips. Talendar App is the best way to manage your projects, calendar, and to-dos. The app comes with a sleek and simple design. The Talendar app is easy to use and allow you to scroll down to see all future tasks.

Talendar App has the following features:

  • Explore the pre-made lists with hundreds of tips (tips are embedded in each task to guide you through several events like wedding, travel, event, and home project.
  • You can make a plan and get it done with the app assistance.
  • Create a new snappy to-do list with its ultra-uncluttered screen.
  • You can use Talendar’s planner and be able to fully create a fully customizable list.
  • You can swipe left and right at the top to see future or past days/weeks.

View the Current lists:

  • Home Move With Moving Company (from >42 to >79 tasks, depending on whether it’s a self move, military move, college move, or with a company).
  • Travel: Domestic and International Vacation (>57 and >65 tasks)
  • Business Trip (>63 tasks)
  • Honeymoon (>63 tasks)
  • Wedding Planner (>73 tasks)
  • Home Sale with Agent or By Owner (>57 and >62 tasks)
  • Home Purchase (>52 tasks)
  • Home Rental for Landlords or Tenants (>51 and >43 tasks)
  • Spring Cleaning (>45 tasks, including 10-step lists for each room)
  • Four Season Home Maintenance (>24 tasks for four seasons)

Challenges and Solution.

  • Organizoi LLC has a mission to build a planner and mover app. The client wanted to build a comprehensive productivity app that simplified normal people live. The has to be loaded with several pre-loaded tasks in a quick and easy manner. They reached out to Simpalm to build the mobile app-based solution for this problem. The client wanted the mobile app that allows the user to handle several tasks and use the tip associated with the tasks.
  • The client has the existing process and knowledge in the same field. But they were not aware of the app development process. Simpalm educated the client about the app development process. Simpalm first collected all the requirements to build a featured mobile app and created a detailed wireframe and graphical designs of the application. Simpalm ensured all the challenges faced by the client in handling end-users and covered all aspect of development. We have given designs to the client and get their approval.
  • After completing the UI/UX design for the app, Simpalm developed the mobile app for iPhone platform with all the features and functionalities as committed. Simpalm’s app development team tested the app and delivered to the client. at various stages of development for user acceptance testing.  Simpalm also developed the cloud-based Backend for the app in the AWS environment and integrated the app with it. Once Apps and backend were fully developed and tested, Simpalm deployed the app on the App Store under the client’s developer account and got it approved.

App Screenshot Gallery.

Talendar App has features like a task list, tips associated with each task, calendar, and many more  Capabilities.

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