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App Description.

The app locates nearby events and interest groups for your favorite activities like Baseball, Basketball, Tennis and Zumba. Find casual fitness groups for any age group, pick-up games near you and weekly recreational leagues. Also connect with fan clubs supporting your favorite teams. Finally, use Sportsfans to find the nearest tennis court, dance studio or other sports venue using Foursquare ratings. Even use your Foursquare account to showcase your national team’s flag for everyone to see!

Sportsfans has the following features

  • Search Nearest Sposrtsbar in the city using GPS and Sports Interest.
  • Integration with Foursquare to search for business and bar.
  • Integration with meetup to search for Bar and Groups.
  • In-App Purchase integration to plan the flag at the location.
  • Map integration to see the bars in the maps.

Challenges and Solution.

  • Client wanted to integrate third party services to pull all social events, games, tournament and parties and display it to user with user friendly interface. This app had to be integrated with in-app purchase feature as well.
  • We have integrated this app with Foursquare and Google maps services to make it all in one

Client Quote.

App Screenshot Gallery.

SportsFan has features like Event Search, GPS, Map, Meetup and FourSquare Search Integration.