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App Description.

SnapLine is a Photo App to track life’s most important events such as wedding, birthday party or anniversaries. This app has social media sharing features as well and we are currently renovating it with new features. This app is available on app store and allow user to create an event, select a length of time for the event and then reminds you to take pictures during your selected timeframe. Once the event completed, user will be able to see timeline of photos within the event.

Snapline has following features

  • User can create their account and profile page.
  • User can login into the app and create event.
  • User can invite their friends to join event.
  • Invitee will receive event notification.
  • Event Owner can set reminder and allow invitees to upload photos during the event period.
  • Invitee can view timeline and event details.
  • Event owner and invitee can share the event with other users through social media.
  • Event owner and invitee can message each other.

Challenges and Solution.

  • SnapLine client came up with an idea to create unique timeline of photos for social event, which people can share with friends and family. Client wanted to create a platform where social events should be more interactive and remind user to make event more successful with the help of timeline of photos.
  • We implemented an intuitive interface that focuses on sleek, modern design where simplicity is the key. We built SnapLine with the UX that guides you along a journey of your events automatically so you can be a part of the action.

Client Quote.

App Screenshot Gallery.

SnapLine has Event Creation, Invitation, Push Notification, Calendar and Photo Uploading Capabilities. Protection Status
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