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App Description.

Simpalm was hired by IoT Defense to build the SimpliNET2 mobile apps for iOS and Android platform.  IoT Defense manufacture Wi-fi mesh devices and firwall devices for enterprises. SimpliNET2 apps connect with the devices and makes it easier to manage your Mesh WiFi System and Security controls. This app provides continuous monitoring and protection of your network through RATtrap smart firewall which receives hourly threat intelligence update. After downloading the app from App Store or Google Play Store you can simply setup with your existing broadband modem.

SimpliNet has following features:

  • You can select whatever setup you have: Modem + Router or separate Modem & Router to connect it with SimpliNet2.
  • Get of details of WiFi connectivity.
  • A dashboard provides easy access to all app features.
  • You can manage router’s functions and connected devices locally.
  • Keep track of security activity of your network – Show live attack map.
  • View the protection summary of how many attacks has been blocked, security health is good or bad, ad blocking and how is your web browser protection.
  • Receive real time notifications of blocked attacks, speed and health of network.

About SimpliNET2:

SimpliNET2 are hardware devices that you can buy from official website. These devices allow you to flood your entire home with fast, reliable WiFi. These devices has built in firewall that protect all of your connected devices. SimpliNET2 devices are compatible with all kind of WiFi devices and it connects with WAN port of broadband modem.

For more information about your SimpliNET2 Mesh WiFi System, visit

Challenges and Solution.

  • Client came to Simpalm to build mobile apps for the devices so that it is easier for the users to manage and configure the devices. Client had a web based interface but it was not user friendly. Client’s competitor had mobile apps, which was affecting the sales.
  • Simpalm came up with a UI/UX design for the mobile app, which makes it easier for users to understand the functions of the app and easily install and configure the devices. We built several functionality using native pages in the app and for some reporting features, we are opening the web pages in the app. We finally published the apps and we have been supporting the apps.

App Screenshot Gallery.

SimpliNet 2 has features like live map attack, dashboard and Wifi connectivity and many more capabilities.

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