A Travel Savings Platform for Employers and Employees.

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Rividend is a program that makes traveling an attainable goal for employees. Rividend works as a travel savings platform where employers match the funds employees contribute to their travel savings account. With this matching program, employees can save funds for their travel plans faster. Employers use the platform to keep track of the total funds saved and the total amount matched. Employees can monitor their travel savings account and schedule their travel plans on the same platform.

Rividend has the following features:

  • Employees can manage the amount they want to contribute to their travel savings account.
  • Employees can monitor how much they have saved from contributions and employer matching.
  • Employees can schedule a trip from the platform.
  • Employers can track total contributions
  • Employers can track the total amount they have matched through the program
  • Application displays employee savings and employer matching reports by month and year
  • An administrator’s interface serves to onboard new companies.

Technology Used

  • HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Progressive Web App, Responsive Design
  • AWS, EC2, Load Balancer, RDS

Challenges and Solution.

  • The application needed a user interface for the employee, employer, and the platform admin. Each had a unique role in the overall process and the system had to communicate seamlessly. So the platform was designed and developed so that each interface was made to carry out specific functions. The UI was designed in such a way that each user can intuitively understand the system’s purpose and complete the desired functionality.
  • Employees needed to have the ability to schedule an upcoming trip. We had to make the platform useful to the employee in this regard without turning Rividend into a travel agency application. To do this we request specific information from the employee so that they could use Rividend as a platform to control the amount of money they wish to allocate from their travel saving account to any specific trip.
  • The employer interface has to showcase to the employer how beneficial and popular Rividend is for employees. To accomplish this we created reporting tools to clearly show employee usage and the contributions the employer is making. We did this by displaying reports that are broken down between months and years. These reports can be used to showcase the benefits an employer offers its employees.
  • The Administrator interface works alongside both the employee and the employee interface. It receives “trip request information” sent from the employee interface. The administrator can then begin the trip scheduling process. The Administrator adds and manages employer accounts.

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