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App Description.

Realtr Pro is an ideal mobile solution for Real Estate Agents who wants to get rid of paper and pen during open house and maintain customer leads on their mobile devices. Agents can enter the property details in the app and use it to collect visitors’ data during the open house. This app will capture all the visitors feedback as well that would help Agents to understand what type of dreamhouse a buyer is looking for. This app is exclusively designed for iPad & iPhone devices with modern user experience so that the agents make entries quickly.

Following are key features of the Realtr Pro:

  • Agent can get rid of paper and pen and capture all the details in the app.
  • Agent can add property details for the open house.
  • App will capture crucial customer data like phone no, name and email id.
  • App will also capture the dreamhouse of a buyer.
  • Ability to ask three custom questions from a visitor.
  • Visitors can enter notes for the agent regarding the property.
  • Agents can see all leads by open house and follow up with them via App.
  • Option to send messages to the leads.
  • Export the list of leads in CSV format.
  • All data is backed up in a backend system.
  • In-app purchase to add more open house.

Challenges and Solution.

The app will revolutionize the way Agents do their business. We plan to add more features in our next iteration.

App Screenshot Gallery.

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