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Step by Step Pregnancy Care App

Step by Step Pregnancy Care app is a new innovative mobile solution developed for Medical Software Innovations LLC. This healthcare app tries to provide accurate medical information about Pregnancy and empower pregnant women and their partners to keep track of baby progress. The pregnancy care app has been conceptualized by a career nurse and midwife based in DC/Virginia area.

Simpalm is a top healthcare app developers and has successfully delivered both the iOS and Android versions of the Step-by-Step Pregnancy app. This app is a unique one in its category and gives you the facts you need throughout your prenatal care

Pregnancy App has the following features

  • App has a list of all the standard prenatal tests & sonograms for the whole pregnancy.
  • All standard tests and sonograms are arranged in weeks pattern.
  • Users can read about tests in the app.
  • Users can keep in touch with their partner and family through Social Media i.e. Facebook, Twitter and messaging.
  • The user can access the flow sheet to track vital signs during the pregnancy.
  • Also, the user can email the test list to friends and other doctors.
  • Users can access My List, a place to keep all your questions for the next doctor visit.
  • The app is available in English and Spanish Version.

Challenges and Solution

  • When client came us, she had no idea about the app design and development process. We educated client regarding the process, created detailed requirement and design to fulfill the vision. Client was astonished to see how good the design had come out.
  • Client wanted a way for users to record all the pregnancy visits, test results and data in the app. We proposed to build the week by week flowsheet. The flowsheet is very intuitive for users and they can easily update the data.


  • Gina Haldeman, Founder, Medical Software Innovation LLC

    Gina Haldeman, Founder, Medical Software Innovation LLC

    Client Quote

    My project was not very large scale but they treated me as 2014-07-16 11.12.41 Gina Photo 7 2004 if I was a big company. I think the focused attention they give to their clients is what makes them different. They did the entire project starting with the design and wireframe and then they did all of the programming. They also guaranteed that the app would function well and they would fix any bugs for free, but that was never a problem, we didn’t have to fix anything. They did some publicity for us as well, so they were a complete package. The app was for iOS and Android platforms.

App Screenshot Gallery

Step by Step Pregnancy app has Tests & Sonograms, Flowsheet, Vital Sign Tracking Email and Social Media capabilities.

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