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Our App Description

Mezy is unique Photo & Video sharing App developed for Mezy LLC. Mezy is new social media app to provide more personalized photo and video sharing experience with friends. Mezy allows users to vanish Mezy’s after it’s been opened. This app is designed and developed with several social media features to create more fun while sharing pictures and videos like Instagram.

Mezy allows user to send an instant mezy out to everyone to like and comment on, you can even send geo mezy’s to places on a map, but your picture will remain hidden until your friends visit the location you selected. Be sure to search for your friends before you go mezy(ing) around.

Mezy has following features

  • User can access device camera to take shot or record short videos.
  • User can share take photo via three unique options: Instant, Hidden and Vanish.
  • User can like & comment on Mezys.
  • User can access Mezys Feed.
  • User can go to Tagged Location to see Mezys.
  • User can chat with friends.
  • User can gain benefits of GPS and Real Time Location Based Services.
  • User can find Mezy’s locations on map.
  • User can setup their personal profiles.
  • User can follow others and see who are following them.
  • User can create hashtag while posting new pictures.

Challenges and Solution

  • This app was challenging to be implemented with a unique photo & video vanishing features once the recipient open it. There are several photo & video sharing apps available in the market but in this project client wanted us to create uniqueness with type of sharing features.
  • We have built Mezy with types of sharing solutions so that user will be more flexible and experience unique experience while sharing photos and videos with friends.


App Screenshot Gallery

Mezy has Photo & Video Sharing, Types of Sharing, Pictures Vanishing, Chatting, GPS, Maps, Mezy Locations and Friends Following capabilities .

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