Metassessor App- An RTI Tool

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App Description.

We have developed Metassessor app for Intervention Development a client who works in the education industry and located in Chicago. Metassessor app is an RTI [Response to Intervention] tool specially designed for teachers and specialists to quickly assess readers as well as track intervention, text readability, and progress of readers. Metassessor organizes this data to create an index of readers and text to allow teachers to make an informed decision regarding text selection. We helped the client to develop and publish iOS and provided affordable education app development services to the client.

APP has the following features

  • This app organizes readers by name, reading level and RtI tier.
  • Author can search text and readability.
  • The “Appropriately-Leveled Text” feature allows users to tap a reader’s name and instantly see all available texts appropriate for that reader.
  • Texts at the reader’s independent level are highlighted in green, while texts at the instructional level are highlighted in yellow.
  • Users can share qualitative and quantitative student data with RTI team members.
  • Teacher can email with an easy-to-read format.
  • Reader can create one page Reader Profile Report.
  • Teacher can access Calendar, Assess Reader, Progress Graph, Result Summary, Reader Profile, Log Intervention Session etc.

Challenges and Solution.

  • Client wanted to develop an education tool for teachers, specialist and parents to access quickly assess readers, track interventions and progress, as well as assess text for readability.
  • We have built Metassessor app with RTI tool to track reader interventions, progress and text readability.
  • Metassessor also allow reader to share qualitative and quantitive student data with Rtl team members, parents and other key stakeholders via email with an easy-to-read one page Reader Profile Report.

App Screenshot Gallery.

Metassessor App has features like Reader Profile Report, Chart & Graph, Intervention and Progress Tracking   Capabilities.

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