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App Description.

KokuaToken is newly developed peer to peer social networking app. KokuaToken app uses tokens to reward those who are willing to do good deeds for others, without the exchange of money. This is a new way to trade or borrow services and goods for free. KokuaToken marketplace motivates individuals to donate their time and services to better their communities, while also getting rewarded for being a good person. KokuaToken is a startup based in DC area and hired Simpalm to design and develop mobile apps.

KokuaToken App has the following features

  • The app allows you to sign-in and automatically get 50 free tokens to start with.
  • You will get exposure to connect to other peoples through your phone contacts or by simply search for a new connection.
  • You can refer friends and you will get an additional 10 tokens for free when the referral sign up on the platform.
  • You can search for goods and services in your location or make a post with a picture to share with others.
  • KokuaToken app allows you to set up a profile and you can use rate services or trade happened with others.
  • The app ensures the safety and legitimacy of our users.
  • Once you connect with others, you will be able to communicate with connection and send a direct message for trade or service request.
  • Once the transaction is complete, you can view your tokens received and tokens given in your KokuaToken wallet. You can also search for other users to review their rating and how active they are on the platform.
  • You can send a token to the connection and request a token.
  • The wallet allows you to see all token given and received time to time.

Challenges and Solution.

  • The client came with a unique business idea and wanted to develop a digital platform where people can connect to trade or request service from others. We conducted several meetings and discussions to gather client requirements, business goals, and technical challenges. Once we gathered all requirements, we started to create a detailed technical architecture, workflows, and wireframes based upon the requirements. The KokuaToken team was very helpful and worked closely with our project manager, tech lead and designer to scope the project. In the end, we presented a clickable wireframe to the client for approval. Based on the client feedback, we made changes and created graphical designs of the mobile app.
  • We started development and implemented all the features in pre-defined milestones approved by the client. Our development team has provided several builds during the development of the client. The client has tested the features and functionality and provided the feedback. We have tested the app and published the app under the developer account. We helped the client to set up a developer account on iTunes. The app is peer to peer social networking app with lots of features for users to trade and request services from others.
  • We continue to support the client for app and server maintenance.

App Screenshot Gallery.

KokuaToken App has token feature, user profile, peer to peer networking and many more capabilities.

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