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knitt app knitt app
knitt app knitt app
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App Description.

Knitt is a social media app for people who share similar interest and connect with each other. Simpalm was hired by Knitt LLC, a startup based in Maryland, to develop a native mobile app for iPhone users. The Knitt app is simple and interesting, it allows you to set up your profile with your preferences/interests and get you connected with users of similar interests. App focuses on Interest like coffee and connection, cooking, movies, concerts, fishing, hunting and many more. With the unique matching algorithm of the app, you will get automatically connected with people in your location who share similar interest.

Knitt App has the following features:

  • You can easily create an account and set up profile information.
  • Choose your preferences and interest while setting up the profile.
  • No friend requests, no swipe right or left needed. You can simply enter your interests and location
  • Consequently, a location where you’d like to meet new people and Knitt app will automatically connect you with people in your location who share your interests.
  • Knitt provides the ability to edit profile information or interests anytime.


Challenges and Solution.

  • After creating UI/UX design, we developed an amazing iPhone app for the Knitt LLC. The app is pretty much simple and connects people who share the same interest. The iPhone app has location-based features, connect users with the nearby community. Simpalm’s development team implemented all desired features and tested the app at various stages. We provided several builds to the client for user acceptance testing. The client also wanted to set up a cloud-based backend server for the app in an AWS environment. We have integrated backend with the app and fully tested. In the end, our development team has deployed the app on the App Store under the client’s account and got it approved.
  • The Knitt LLC, a social media startup has the vision to build a social media app with a unique concept where people do not have to find another user and send an annoying friend request. These days, no one like to receive so many friend requests and bother to visit the unknown user profile. They wanted us to create a solution for people who look for a genuine meet and connect with a person who has the same interest and choices. They reached out to Simpalm to build a mobile app with this solution.
  • Being a startup company, they were not aware of all aspect of the app development process. Simpalm educated the client about the app development process. Simpalm has conducted several meetings to collect all the requirements. We have created a detailed wireframe of the application based on the requirements and presented to the client. Our UI/UX team ensured that wireframes have covered everything that the client expected and envisioned functionality, user experience, flow and data of the application. The client has approved the wireframes and we have created user-friendly designs for the mobile app. Also, Simpalm created a click-through design using InvisionApp and got approval from the client.

App Screenshot Gallery.

Knitt App has features like account registration, interest setup, Geolocation, community, photo/video posting, and many more capabilities. Protection Status