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App Description

We developed an image processing app for DSS Inc. AuthentiGuard is an application that provides a simple answer to brand protection by applying anti-counterfeiting technology. The secured marks will be placed on the product’s packaging. The marks have embedded codes that can’t be seen by the naked eye but trigger the recording of various amounts of information while providing real-time status of validity through the application. Users in the field can read the product’s mark with their authorized smartphone application and quickly determine a product’s authenticity.

Since the marks are created using patented technology, copied or scanned marks on the counterfeit product will read as invalid with the AuthentiGuard application. Simpalm, top app developers in VA has developed this application exclusively on Android for the internal use of AuthentiGuard.

The application has following features:

  • 2-factor authentication for added security.
  • Counterfeit-resistant Marks.
  • Flashlight for better brightness.
  • Reads 2D, alpha or linear codes.
  • Quick results.
  • The application works in online and offline mode.
  • The User can check the saved results and real-time reporting on the portal.
  • The user can check the details of the product with the application.

Challenges and Solution

  • Client had an existing app on iOS Platform and came to use to build the app on Android since they did not have internal capacity for Android Development. We assigned our senior most android developers to work on the project due to high complexity of the project.
  • We started to build the app with custom filters on selected Galaxy devices. Once app started to work on selected poplar models, we customized and made it work on other platforms. App was successfully launched on client’s enterprise server.

App Screenshot Gallery

This App has features like 2 Factor Authentication, Image Processing, Offline Support and many more features.

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