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App Description.

IM Here is new texting mobile app developed to notify a recipient when a traveler left a certain location and arrived at their destination all by using GPS. Simpalm was hired by Smog Coast to develop a platform for drivers/traveler to encourage safer driving on road. App allows users to inform their friends or family while driving and send location update. App sends an auto-generated text message . IM Here is available on Google and can be accessible worldwide.

 IM Here has following features

  • App uses User Geolocation and track to get the user location.
  • App is enabled with Google Maps to show the user current location.
  • App is enabled with Google Prepopulated dropdown in case you don’t know the exact address.
  • Easy Trip setup
  • App can import contacts can with addresses so names can be entered to find locations.
  • App can generate an auto-text message.
  • App can send notification or text-message to friends or family.
  • The driver will receive a sound notification that the text has been sent.
  • User can change preferences from settings



Challenges and Solution.

  • Since text messaging is ban while driving and it is dangerous, several time people faces problem to inform their friends and family while driving to specific destination or leaving from present location. You cannot call or text and inform instantly while driving. Client wanted to overcome this problem and allow peoples to inform prior to reach to the destination.
  • We have provided a robust geolocation and auto text messaging based Android mobile app that notifies your friends or family when you have left and arrived at a specific location without having to call or text while driving. IM Here Mobile app tracks user location and send autogenerated text message to your friends or family when you drive. Simpalm has also implemented battery efficient algorithm that saves much batter while your GPS is on.

App Screenshot Gallery.

IM Here has features like Geolocation, Maps, AutoTexting, New Trip Setup,  Sound Alerts, and many more capabilities. Protection Status
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