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Our App Description

iHardware is education app designed and developed with inspirational and tools and principals that help someone to build a victories lifestyle. We have developed iHardware for iHardware Media Inc. iHardware have iTools are presented through videos and interactive features and iPrincipals that came with principles videos to display teaching illustration. The Role Models Videos feature individuals describing the practical workings of the iPrinciples with positive outcomes. The interactive tools – Notes & Affirmations – help you to reinforce the power of applying the iTools. The Share feature allows you to spread the good news, reaching others with your new inspiration.

iHardware  has the following features:

  1. User can access iTools and access videos for vision, responsibility, self-esteem, faith, discipline, planning, association, work, wealth, and love inspirations.
  2. User can download free tools and purchase premium tools.
  3. User can access iPrincipals and access videos for focus, fuel victory, ownership, initiatives, pain to gain, connect, conceive, wind the wave and several other inspirations.
  4. User can access role model videos.
  5. User can access notes and affirmations.
  6. User can record audios for reinforces inspirations.
  7. User can share inspirations on Facebook, Twitter.

iHardware has following features

  • Client had several tools that need to be build and organized on a single platform. We had to develop mobile apps for iHardware Media Inc that display all categories of tools with good video streaming capabilities.
  • We have developed cross platform mobile apps that work on both iOS and Android platform that provide innovative learning experience to the user.
  • Jeff M, President, Portland Travel

    Jeff M, President, Portland Travel

    Client Quote

    We have been working with Simpalm to build and maintain our WordPress website since last three years. I have been very happy with the work delivered and communication from the entire team. I’ve been astonished at how little “back and forth” we’ve had to do after design was fully setup. They have spent good amount of time in understanding what I’m looking for and they have delivered accordingly. I highly recommend them for their project.

App Screenshot Gallery

iHardware has features like iTools, iPrincipals, Audio & Video Learning, and Social Media Sharing  Capabilities.

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