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App Description.

Hermes is new way to invite your friends and family for parties, special event and life event. Hermes is designed innovatively by Simpalm to celebrate your upcoming events with your friends and family. Simpalm have designed and developed Hermes Android App for LRB Dyansty LLC, a startup based in DC area. This social app allows users to send invitation; allow you to create groups; share events and parties pictures.

Hermes has following features

  • User can signup and create account in the app.
  • User can send event invitation via text messages to their phonebook contact.
  • User can create group and send event invitation to all
  • User can keep track of invitee who is going to attend and who is not attending the event.
  • Invitee will receive text message with link to download app and view event.
  • User can get response from Invitee.
  • User can use templates or design you’re their own photo gallery.
  • User can record audio message and send audio invitation as well.
  • User can upload event photos.
  • User can share photos with guest/invitee.


Challenges and Solution.

  • This app was needed with a new way to send event invitation where receivers can quickly respond. Generally people do not respond to Facebook events, Google calendar, or any other third party solution. Client wanted to get a solution where event organizer can get large response. We implemented notifications to remind users for the events and they could respond within the mobile device.
  • In the solution, we delivered this app with text messaging invitation feature, where user would see a text message with a link to view the event easily. This is very good app to create and manage events where there is a huge chance to get positive Reponses on invitations.

App Screenshot Gallery.

Hermes has custom invitations, audio invitation,  friends communication and photo gallery capabilities.

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