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App Description

The GWU Elliott School of International Affairs is one of the world’s leading schools of international affairs and we have recently developed mobile apps for them. The Elliott School App works as a portal for students, faculty, media, and researchers to get up-to-date information on news and events around the school and connect with the GWU community. We have developed both iOS and Android Mobile apps for George Washington University.

Elliott 360 has the following features:

  • User can download and install the app from both App Store and Google Play Store.
  • User can access GWU calendar and find upcoming events and programs.
  • The app connects with GWU website and open events in the Webview.
  • User can access Elliott forum and read posts and comments.
  • User can support GWU community and donate money.
  • User can access Monkey Cage and access posts from GWU.
  • User can make an appointment.
  • User can access ESG job portal and apply for jobs.
  • User can access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr page of the George Washington University Community.

Challenges and Solution

  • Client wanted to develop apps that access GWU portal and pull news and events related data. We had to show all the necessary data from their website in a Webview with new layout.
  • We have developed Elliott school apps that works on both iOS and Android platforms and connect with GWU website to display news and events data.

App Screenshot Gallery

Elliott 360 has features like Events Calendar, News, ESG Job Portal, Elliott Forum and other capabilities.

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