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Our App Description

Grop – get more likes for your Pics!
Grop helps you take photos within a digital frame real-time to make great-looking digital framed photos, share them with your friends on social media or print them onto’s affordable garments. Grop also allows one to upload any photo image saved on the smartphone into a selected frame. The uploaded images into frames are cropped to that of a frame.

Grop has following features

  • You can take a photo and apply several available frames on the photo before your print.
  • You can apply several filters on captured image to make it look better.
  • You can share the captured images on social media with your friends and family.
  • You can also place an order to get the image printed on a T-Shirt.
  • You can fit your already captured images from your device and crop them within the frames.
  • App allows all camera functionalities auto-focus, flash, swapping to capture an enhanced image.
  • It provide pixel clear/ high resolution/ print ready images.

Grop app is basically designed to provide a enhanced and attractive look to your images. It provides a number of frames on which you can click your images or you can also crop your images with given frames to get more likes on them.

Challenges and Solution

Simpalm was tasked to build this app which has predefined frames and pictures needed to be captured and added to these frames. The frames had to appear on the screen while taking the picture, the camera had to hide the image outside the frame in the live view. Simpalm’s developers used the expertise of camera in iOS and iOS SDK to come up with a solution to handle the images. We created multiple layers on the camera view to handle the frames and the images. We also manage the image size and pixel quality so that image can be printed on the correct size of paper/T-shirt with the high pixel density.

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