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Our App Description

Simpalm was hired to create a fun messaging app. We have designed and developed a fun messaging app for iPhone users to send smileys and emojis via any social media platform. This app has unique collection of smileys and emojis for users to send through WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+, WeChat, LINE, Instagram, RenRen and VKontakte. There is no need to intall any keyboard as such and user can have directly access to all smileys and emojis. This app has in-app purchase feature to buy stuff.

The Emoji and Smiley App has following features:

  • Over 2000+ unique smileys & emoji
  • Send emoticons to WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+, WeChat, LINE, Instagram, RenRen, VKontakte, by MMS and e-mail
  • In App Purchase feature
  • There is no keyboard installation needed as such. It has easy interface and user can type directly in the app and then share
  • Exclusive Black & Asian emoticons
  • User can create own icons from any image
  • A unique collection – you’ll even find the “middle finger emoji” here!

Challenges and Solution

  • Client wanted to develop a fun messaging app that will have unique collection of emojis and smileys without downloading any extra keyboard. Also, client wanted to provide an interface where emojis and smileys can be sent through any social media app or MMS.
  • We have designed very funny and entertaining emojis and smileys for this app. This app has over 2000+ emojis and smileys. User can directly access and share. This app has no ads and offer in-app purchase to buy any collection.

App Screenshot Gallery

Emojis App has Unique Collection, Search Emojis, Share Function and In-App Purchase Feature.

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