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DNA Scramble is a fast paced casual gaming app. We have developed this app for Wiseman. The game is based on a real-life biological process and can be played in two modes the “Arcade mode” and “Creation mode”.   Players can have fun while playing and creating DNA match in these two modes.

Arcade Mode: This mode is quick challenging mode. In this mode user have to make correct match before it’s too late. The game continues and get more difficult, and user is challenged with becoming better at making the DNA matches quickly.

Creation Mode: In this mode, the game is divided across five levels. Each level has its own audio sound track and is more difficult and longer than the previous level. In contrast to Arcade Mode, Creation Mode really pushes the mental endurance of the user, but also allows for the game to get more difficult at a much slower pace.

User can beat their personal high score or try to best their friends’ scores. Some noticeable  features are also mentioned below:

  • Non-intrusive ads (only see ads when you choose to)
  • Exciting audio experiences
  • Downloadable wallpapers (2 per level)
  • Social media sharing

 Challenges & Solutions

  • We have to use 3 GB of images to make app working. First optimisation was to compress images to at most 2GB. Designer did the job and reduced image resolution for the same.
  • All these 2Gb os images needed to load in two screens: 1.main carousel, and 2. game view. All the Android devices don’t have this much memory available to load all these images. We have loaded these images optimising image size at run time based on available memory. This makes sure app works with all of the devices but some devices can have rather blurry game view.

App Screenshot Gallery

This game has two modes called Arcade Mode and Creation Mode, Scoping, Audio, Animation, and Social Media Sharing Capabilities.

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