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Our App Description

DDx Pro is next generation advance differential diagnostic mobile app specially designed to provide most comprehensive database of medical disease listing. DDx has more than 1500 diseases covering all the subspecialties in adult medicine. Simpalm is one of the leading companies in medical app development companies in the USA and designed for one of the local clients on the east coast and ready to download from the App Store.

DDx Pro has following features

  • Users can search individual disease by name or any combination of clinical, laboratory or radiological attributes.
  • Users can access the list of diseases in the app and explore them individually.
  • Ability to access an online database of diseases.
  • Ability to access to different categories of disease.


Challenges and Solution

  • DDx Pro had to be developed with large database of diseases. Client wanted us to develop an app where user can easily find any particular disease. We implemented a database schema that made it easier to map the disease, symptoms and diagnosis.
  • Client wanted user to quickly see the results, we implemented auto suggestion feature in the app so that user would see the available terms as soon as they type the query in the app.

App Screenshot Gallery

DDx Pro has Disease searching, listing, categories and description displaying capabilities.

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