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App Description

Simpalm has recently launched Climbn app for The Modernity Group LLC, startup based in Virginia.  The Climbn app is a recruiting platform designed and developed by career recruiter. The Climbn app has a unique solution in the talent acquisition industry. The mobile app allows job seekers to search for jobs and connect with employers/recruiters directly through the platform. Climbn app helps to spark the conversation and allow you to share the necessary details to recruiters in the selection process. We have designed and developed an iPhone app that has two user interfaces: user interface for recruiters and user interface for job seeker.

Climbn App has the following features

  • Allow you to narrow your job search and get suitable jobs.
  • Allow you to enter unique search parameters to find preferable job.
  • The app will only share contact information when one user releases it to another.
  • Using a comprehensive chat system, you can have a conversation with the recruiter.
  • The app allows you to register and set up an account as an employee or recruiter.
  • The app allows the employer to find candidates based on their preferences.

Challenges and Solution

  • The Modernity group has a mission to put talent and opportunity at job seeker’s fingertips. They wanted to create a solution to make the recruiting and job application process easier. They wanted to have a solution to bypasses the lag-time associated with the traditional application process and connects recruiters and candidates for instantaneous conversations. They reached out to Simpalm to build mobile app-based solution for this problem. The client wanted the mobile app that quickly allows job seekers and recruiters to set up a profile and search for each other. Allow them to have a conversation after visiting the in-app profile.
  • The client was not aware of the app development process and what is needed to build the mobile-based solution. Simpalm educated the client about the app development process. Simpalm first collected all the requirements from the client and create a detailed wireframe of the application. Simpalm ensured that wireframes capture app the envisioned functionality, user experience, flow and data of the application. Once the client approved the wireframes, Simpalm’s team of expert designers create the visual designs of the application. Simpalm created a click-through design and got approval from the client.
  • After creating UIUX design for the app, Simpalm developed the mobile app for iPhone with all the functionalities. Simpalm’s team tested the app and delivered to the client at various stages of development for user acceptance testing.  Simpalm also developed the cloud-based Backend for the app in the AWS environment and integrated the app with it. Once Apps and backend were fully developed and tested, Simpalm deployed the app on the App Store and got it approved.

App Screenshot Gallery

Climbn App has features like My briefcase, chatting, employer profile, jobseeker profile, job search function and many more capabilities.

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