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Caught Being Good is innovating parental app that allows parents to raise children to exhibit their best behavior characteristics such as Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Positivity, Learning, Self Control, Diligence, Responsibility and Courage. Caught Being Good is fun gaming app developed for Caught Being Good LLC and that allow help parents reward their children for desirable behavior. Both iPhone and Android apps are available to download. This app makes bridge between parents and their children’s to make better communication and reward children when they behave in that manner.

CBG has following features

  • Parent can invite whole family member.
  • Parents can add children in the reward bank and create a unique account.
  • When Spin will stop, children will see a phrase or a tangible reward.
  • Parent can change or preset or turn off the rewards.
  • Parent can access how to use the app.
  • Parent can access how to use the app.
  • Parent can access animated spinning wheel and spin the wheel.


Challenges and Solution

  • In this project, client wanted Simpalm to develop a interactive spinning colorful wheel with audio effects. When children spin the wheel, they will feel smooth spinning with peaceful sound. CBG had to be a fun loving game.
  • We have innovatively designed this app with respect to both age group of users such as parent user and children user. We also have incorporated a unique reward bank that is fully editable and controlled by parent user.
  • Dawn Nichols, Founder, Caught Being Good App

    Dawn Nichols, Founder, Caught Being Good App

    Client Quote

    It was not easy for me to find a company to write this app. I spoke with several developers and they made me feel that it was a small project and they wanted to rush through this. Thats not what i wanted. Piyush and Simpalm did not do that at all. He never made me feel that I was any less than any of his other client.He met me personally and he walked me through the process and exactly what he needed from me. Doing that, he completely accomplished my vision within the budget. I am very thrilled with the look and feel of the app. I could not have done this without Simpalm.

App Screenshot Gallery

CBG has features like Spinning Wheel, Animation and Reward Banks, and Parent/Children Profile.

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